Inspirational Souls LIVE Episode #7 – Brenden Fitzgerald – Veganprenuer & CEO of Planet Protein

Brenden Fitzgerald, Veganpreneur, Founder & CEO of Planet Protein.. a new innovative vegan company producing complete protein products to help consumers transition to a healthier lifestyle! Convenience and education is our way of life. Served over 5 years in USMC as a squad leader in the infantry. This helped me progress in life by providing leadership qualities I would never learn in school. I tried to attend community college but quickly drooped out becoming self-taught. Research and resourcefulness is my passion!

You can find this Inspirational SOul online here:

Personal: @the_sustainable_ceo
Planet Protein: @planet_protein

Personal: Brenden Fitzgerald
Planet Protein: @planetproteinpage

Personal: @brendenfitz14
Planet Protein: @planet_protein

Brenden’s previous Inspirational Souls appearances.

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