Artists YOU NEED to know – Stephen Levey – Just a Guy Who Likes Taking Pictures.

How long have you been a professional photographer?

It’s kind of a crazy story how this whole thing happened but approximately 7 months. I’ve been taking photographs for my entire life but just for myself. I never thought about monetizing my hobby, that happened purely by accident and quite recently.

What type of camera equipment do you use?

I use an iPhone 7 Plus and while I wouldn’t turn down a free one, no, I will not be purchasing an X… I don’t shoot high speed motion (eg: sports) and the fact that I’m not interested in enlarging any of my photographs to building size I didn’t feel that I needed a “real camera“ that combined with the fact that nobody was complaining about my image quality led me to the decision of solely using the camera which was always in my pocket already.

Do you have a favorite subject?

I enjoy shooting everything but I guess if I had to pick a favorite subject I would say Los Angeles in general.

As a professional photographer, how do you view yourself in this field?

In regards to how I view myself, I’m just a guy who likes taking pictures.

What current projects are you working on and what shows?

I’m currently participating in Gabba Gallery’s wishlist 5 show opening 11/18/17 and The San Juan Capistrano art show 11/4/17. I am currently in early talks with the Hive Gallery for what potentially may be a large show next year & I will be participating in this year’s photo show at the Hive as well opening 3/2018. Additionally, next months Malibu magazine “The Local” which will feature a number of photos I shot during a recent studio visit with a local artist for an article. just recently I was convinced to expand my repertoire to include fashion (of which I know nothing). A friend was offered a magazine layout and I was her choice of photographer.

What software do you use as a professional photographer?

In reality, pretty much the only photo correction I do is to brightness and contrast and every once in awhile tilt shift, I do not use software to “perfect” my images.

Are you originally from Los Angeles?

I’m a third-generation Angeleno

Do you have a favorite subject to shoot as a professional photographer?

I love shooting in DTLA, you never know what you’ll see and even though I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos of virtually the same area I’m surprised more often then not to find something I’ve missed previously “HOW DID I NEVER SEE THAT.”

Who’s work do you admire as a professional photographer?

here are quite a few artists whos talents i am in awe of but being that my mama didn’t raise no fool I will not be naming any names 😂

What if any is your goal as a professional photographer?

My goal is simply to take photos that make people happy when looking at them, if you enjoy a photo i took then I’ve done my job.

How do you choose your projects?

If it’s an interesting project I’ll shoot anything,

What was your background before becoming a professional photographer?

My background: I was a freelance corporate marketing consultant.


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