Welcome to Inspirational Souls!

As of October 1st, 2018, we are officially an ALL VEGAN site!

Inspirational Souls is a site that celebrates the interconnectedness of all beings by spotlighting the compassionate lifestyles of humans who live a vegan lifestyle. This site doesn’t care which political class, gender, ethnic background, social-economic class, sexual identifier, or really what planet you are from. It is our hope that you will find the stories on this site, written by vegans from every walk of life, sources of inspiration to make you want to go out and live a more compassionate life.

In a world in which many people believe that there is so much devastation, evil, and destruction, this site would like to serve as a positive perspective that lifts you up when you feel you cannot find much good in anything thing you see or read. This site wants to show you that many amazing, creative, kind, intelligent, talented, compassionate, and passionate humans exist who are constantly striving to make this world a place of less suffering for all the living beings on this planet. By adhering to a vegan lifestyle they have committed to a life without doing harm to other beings. Through veganism, they hope to teach others about the preciousness of life and the importance that many of our choices make on our health and the planet. But most importantly the impact these choices have on billions of animals every year.

Inspirational Souls is a HUGE believer in BEING of SERVICE wherever we go, and to that end, we are searching out stories to share from amazing organizations, profit, and non-profit, that are doing really innovative and compassionate things all over the world. Please take heed, support these companies and volunteer whenever and wherever you can. If you can’t give time, consider donating unused items or giving a little money. We are so much more when we work together.

Inspirational Souls also envisions that this will be a hub for collaboration between the people in our features and anyone who sets eyes on this site. If you see something that inspires you, please leave a comment or share with your friends and family on your social media networks. Please follow us on Facebook by clicking here. If you see an artist, author, or organization that you would like to partner with, please send us a message and we will try to connect you.

We are all on this planet together doing this thing called LIFE, without any real idea where we came from or where we are going. Our hope is that you take this opportunity to be INSPIRED (In the Spirit) and carry this inspiration out into our gorgeous, amazing world to hopefully inspire others along your journey.

Lead with LOVE and COMPASSION and you will never feel like you have wasted a moment of your life. Always DO YOUR BEST, try not to judge, SMILE often, create, create, create, and just BE NICE. You can never go wrong by just being good as long as your intentions are to help relieve your fellow man, woman, or other living beings of suffering and help get them one step closer to a place of THRIVING and HAPPINESS.

Be Veganspirational!

Antonio Fernandez