Inspirational Souls LIVE Ep. #9 – Lindsay Lewis – Math Professor, Artist, Vegan Activist, and Volunteer

Lindsay is a college math professor, artist, vegan activist, and volunteer for the animal welfare organizations Red Bucket Equine Rescue ( and Wildlife Care Center (

Her animal rights activism includes activities such as donating artwork to various animal welfare organizations (serving as an artist at @circlevfest this Saturday for @mercyforamimals and @moby) and participating in peaceful protests of animal cruelty (

Lindsay is very excited that this year her family is joining her in having a delicious, cruelty-free Thanksgiving meal!

Her Etsy shop will be open in early December and all proceeds will be donated to animal welfare organizations. Instagram: @linzanddex11 and @lindsayleigh1111 (art only).

RESIST Canvas Book Bag! $13 To Purchase click here.

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