Inspirational Souls LIVE Ep. #10 – Kate Vancouver – Founder, “It’s Still Today”

In 2014 Kate Vancouver started her brand ‘it’s still today’ with stickers for her friends.

After deciding to hike the Appalachian Trail, she uses it to fundraise her hike and to also donate to the organization SheJumps – who work to increase female involvement in the outdoors.
Upon graduating from college, Kate began her hike on March 4, 2017. After 4.5 months, 1550 miles, and approximately 3 pairs of shoes, Kate sustained over-use injuries to both of her knees and was forced to stop in order to hike another day.

Currently, Kate is transitioning ‘It’s Still Today’ to be more locally and environmentally focused, and preparing herself for a move to Seattle where she will be on the ground doing conservation work with Earth Corps.

My new website is, and my instagram is @itsstilltoday

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