Being Vegan, Vegan Being: Darbi Gwynn – Being Vegan is Easy. It’s Unlearning Bad Information That’s The Challenge.

My name is Darbi Gwynn and I live in Los Angeles California. I work in the entertainment field as an actor and stunt performer. I knew about veganism when I was a child because my mother was deep into the health movement of the 1970s which was a very small community back then. It was about holistic living which included knowledge about the foods we eat, chemicals in body products, cleaning products, thoughts we think, etc. My mother was decades ahead of the game and people often thought of her as eccentric or strange. She spent time hanging out in health food stores talking to other people hanging out in Health Food stores and reading books. So early on I was used to watching the general public dismiss important knowledge just because it wasn’t the social norm.

Because this process started when I was a child, and also the time period, it wasn’t a particularly rigid process. My parents were divorced and I would stay with my dad and he was not vegan. I met a girl in second grade who became my best friend and she was vegetarian so that was awesome. All years added up I’ve been vegan for over 20yrs. It wasn’t hard for me to get rid of my clothing and shoes that weren’t vegan. One day I was putting on some leather boots and I realized I didn’t want to wrap my leg in an animal’s skin anymore. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I never liked wool. Horrifically itchy. Down, leather, suede, silk, wool, fur etc. do not hang in my closet or rest on my floor.

I think if anyone is eating animals or animal body fluids, they should absolutely see what the animals go through, children included. Why would you want to lie to your child and make them a mindless consumer? Fall in line and do as you’re told. That’s why we are in the position currently with abrupt climate change. A profound disconnect of choices based on irrational chasing of emotional desires (marketing) rather than fact-based evidence (science).

Perhaps because Veganism has been on my radar longer than most people, I accepted long ago the resistance that follows. I wouldn’t have gotten on in the world too well 20-30yrs ago if I didn’t accept people where they are at. I’m also sober 16yrs and that wasn’t common practice back then either. I think because my mother lived with such strong convictions and was very open about it, I adopted those personality traits. I’ve never felt the need to hide my sobriety or being vegan, however I didn’t communicate it in a way that was aggressive or hostile.

People have no idea how easy it is to be vegan these days. It has always been easy because rice, beans and vegetables have always been super accessible and affordable. But beyond the affordable and healthy choices there are vegan burgers and vegan anything everywhere now!

There are loads of documentaries to watch on the subject. The Game Changers just came out and I think that one is it going to push this movement forward even faster. That particular documentary focuses on athletic performance however I do feel it is imperative for the connection to be made with what the animals experience, which in that case I recommend Dominion.

There has never been an easier time in history to educate oneself on the facts thanks to the Internet. It’s never been easier to find recipes that are vegan thanks to the Internet. It’s easy. Being vegan is easy. It’s the unlearning of bad information that’s the challenge. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad information still being kicked around especially by “ex vegan” YouTubers. I don’t know why people listen to 20yr old’s with eating disorders over scientists but that’s all a part of our social programming, I guess. The deep need to belong and not stray from the pack, even if the pack is killing you. Luckily for me I like reading science journals and eventually you get pretty good at researching the scientists and the studies, which once again is made easy by the internet.

If someone is skeptical about adopting a vegan diet just tell them to think about this, how many vegans have been rushed to the emergency room dying of veganism? None. How many people annually are rushed to the emergency room dying of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer? Diseases that are directly associated with lifestyle choices, namely the food we eat. Less than a quarter of the population now dies from “natural causes“. Bon appétit!

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