The Most Common Arguments Against Veganism, Answered.

We created this page as a resource for vegans who want to become activists and animal rights activists who want to up their outreach game.  Once you watch the videos on this page and read all the questions, you will be armed with all the knowledge you need to help spread compassion.

Please comment with any questions we might’ve missed and we will add them to the list.

Awesome video on Sustainable Activism by Melanie Joy

WATCH THIS before you watch any other video about vegan activism. This video will help you answer almost every question you might get asked.

Be educated! The best way to spread veganism is to use the truth.

If you like to read:

Viva 20 questions and answers to common questions vegans get asked.

Choose Veg Simple answers to all your vegan questions

Questions & Answers Videos

Would you eat an animal if you were stuck on a desert island with nothing else to eat? – Earthling Ed

Didn’t God Make Animals for Us To Eat? – James Aspey

Why is Milk not Vegan? & Don’t Dairy Cows get treated Humanely? – Joey Carbstrong

We have always eaten meat. It’s Natural. – Melanie Joy on Carnism

Why do vegans always look ill?

If we all went vegan, Wouldn’t the animals take over? Wouldn’t all the animals Die?

Our teeth/digestive systems are designed for eating meat.

Aren’t are teeth made to eat meat?

Lots of animals, like lions and bears, kill other animals for food: why shouldn’t we?

Veganism kills a lot of animals indirectly through farming. So it’s not really better.

We need dairy, right?

Isn’t it all right to eat meat if it is raised humanely?

Don’t plants feel pain too?

Don’t a ton of animals get killed in the harvesting of plants?

Why don’t vegans care about human rights?

What’s wrong with wearing wool?

Can I eat honey and backyard chicken eggs?

What’s wrong with Leather?

The human rights crises and leather

Isn’t being Vegetarian enough?

Is owning a pet vegan?

Fish and other seafood aren’t sentient right?

Isn’t it okay to have chickens in my backyard?

Soybeans are responsible for the destruction of the rainforest?

Don’t plants have feelings too?

Why not do something for people instead of animals?

Wasn’t Hitler Vegan?

All the farmers would be unemployed if we stopped eating meat.

I don’t mind you being vegan – but you shouldn’t try to impose your views on other people.

Raising your kids as a vegan is child abuse.

What difference will one person going vegan make?

Don’t I need to take a bunch of supplements on a vegan diet?

Can a Vegan Diet reverse Heart Disease?

My culture has a lot of traditions which involve meat.

Don’t we need B12?

Don’t we need meat for protein?

The History of Veganism

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