Vegan Artists You Need to Know: Chef Ito of Au Lac – The Silent Chef & Photographer

Shaun Monson and Jaoquin Phoenix at a Vigil for Pigs that were to the slaughterhouse at Farmer Johns.
There’s nothing better than live music. It’s raw energy, and raw energy feeds the soul.” ~ Dhani Jones

You can catch Chef Ito at Au Lac making amazing, planet-saving food.

ORANGUTAN BREAKFAST A serving of #DURIAN provides you with 3.6 grams of protein, or 6.4 percent to 7.8 percent of the daily recommended intake of 46 to 56 grams. A study published in the May 2010 issue of the “American Journal of Gastroenterology” indicates that protein from meat and fish may result in increased risk of irritable bowel syndrome, so getting your protein from fruit, vegetables and other sources may be wise if you are at risk of this condition – Information Courtesy of LIVESTRONG.COM

Learn more about this humble, creative, and amazing man here. And here.

Dear Humans, Can We All Get Along?
If Batman Went Vegan
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You can also catch his photography here on Instagram: @chefitophoto

It all got me thinking that i wouldn’t even want to spend my time eating or drinking if i knew i had only a day to live. Catching a sunrise or a sunset or both would be nice 🙂 not even sure if i would spend that time talking with somebody. just being would be enough. tell ya what what i am sure about though……..I LOVE YOU! ” Tricia Ayumi Tzusuki and what about you??? i’m very curious…..what would you SAY?

Shelters not Bombs[/caption]

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