Artists You Need to Know: Ayeesha Rakimah Abdullah – My Life’s Goal: To Fill the World With Beautiful Things

I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a person, broken hearted and at their lowest when they realize their worth and purpose. They’re born anew, a clear vision and a goal fresh in their minds, that they can be different and improve who they once were to create a better world. My desire is to help inspire people to live their lives authentically and happily, by living a life where I’m authentic and happy. This is why I’m still inspired to do art to this day because I believe it is my life’s goal to leave as many beautiful things on this Earth as I can before I leave it. By living in my purpose, hopefully, I’ll be able to inspire others to live in theirs and consequently make the world a better place.

My name is Ayeesha, I’m twenty-three years old, and I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, probably almost as long as I’ve been alive. I really had an affinity for drawing characters I created and began developing my style by emulating the styles of the cartoons and anime I used to watch growing up. I would also read a lot, which developed into a love of writing and a desire to be published one day. As I got older, I wanted to combine my love of drawing and writing stories, so I realized I ultimately wanted a career in animation where I could help bring stories to life.

By the time I graduated high school, I already had it in my head that I wanted to go to college to learn as much as I could about animation so I could get a job at Disney one day. It took me much longer to figure out why I wanted to do it, however. In the last couple years of my life, I began realizing that I wanted to do more than just work on cartoons, I wanted to work on cartoons especially for people of color and minorities. I believe there needs to be more variation in the kinds of stories we tell and the characters in these stories, and as a woman of color myself I figured who better to contribute than me?

With this goal in mind, I feel like my work has taken a turn for the better. I am currently attending community college to get my associate degree in graphic design, which was unplanned but I feel like it really worked a lot in my favor. Once I graduate in May of 2017, my plans are to get a full-time job in my field as well as do some freelance work. In the near future, I want to take these skills I learned as a graphic designer and continue on to get my bachelor degree in animation like I’ve always wanted. From there, I still have my sights set on that Disney job, but ultimately, I think I would like to own my own animation studio one day. In the meantime, I’m working on a few personal art projects that I am full of love for and excited to share with you all soon.

About My Work:

My favorite mediums are graphite, colored pencil, marker, acrylic paint, and I also like to draw digitally using my Wacom Tablet. My personal goal is to try every medium at least once, so anything I can get my hands on I will try to make art out of it at some point. As I mentioned above, my specialty is drawing people and I love coming up with elaborate characters. I love to use a lot of color in my work (and in my hair!), and I also have a fascination with things either otherworldly or occult, such as angels, fairies, ghosts, aliens, and the like and often include them in my work. Fashion is also very important, not only do I put a lot of time into what my characters wear, I put a lot of effort into what I wear as well, as another expression of my creativity. When I create, I hope that I can make people feel happy, make them laugh, or just generally feel good.

My goals as an artist are to keep improving every day, to start selling my work, to get into galleries, and to one day have my name in the credits of the next big cartoon. Mostly, I just want to enjoy and share the good and the bad of the artist adventure and all that it will bring my way in the years to come!

You can catch this Inspirational Artist here online:

Instagram Personal: @otakudrawingchick
Instagram Illustrations: @phenomenalgodsandgoddesses
Personal Website: ayeesha-abdullah-art

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