No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #55: Lize Tibiriçá – I CHOOSE HAPPINESS!

Remember the life you see on the outside is a reflection of who you’re inside. Start to think positive today and start seeing a positive life.
Lembre-se que a vida que você ver do lado de fora é um reflexo de quem você é (do que tem dentro de você). Comece a pensar positivo e comece a ver a vida por um lado mais positivo.

This Inspirational Spotlight brought to you by Lize Tibiriçá from Florida.

I am passionate about inspiring and motivating others to see themselves through new lenses. I want to empower individuals to make decisions and changes to their lives so they can be healthier and happier. The thing I am most proud of is I have been able to change the way I perceive events and became a happier person. You can catch this Inspirational Soul online here: Instagram – @lizetibi

If you could cure one disease in the world what it be?

Hmm..I have to say the negative mind. There is a lot of people out there who suffer because of the thoughts they have. There is a lot of problems in the world because people see others as “bad” or “not as good” as they are and find ways to fight or put others down. If I could change something in the world, it would be the negative mind of others and replace if with positive thinking and attitude.

What advice would you give the teenage you?

Life keeps getting better – pursue your dreams and enjoy the journey.

One person living or dead you would love to hang out with for a day? What would you do?

I would love to hang out with Noam Chomsky – I think he has an incredible mind and has made an impact in the world – fields of linguistic, socioeconomics, politics, and the list goes on and on. If I could meet with him, I would probably go for a walk around Charles River and learn about who he is and what motivates him on a daily basis.

What is your favorite novel and what does it say about your mind?

It probably is Sophie’s World – It probably inspired me to research, to ask questions, see things through different eyes, and understand that sometimes, you just don’t know the answer to your question.

Do you think World Peace is possible? What one thing do you think might be the first step in the direction of it?

I believe anything is possible – we just got to believe and make it happen with a positive mind and attitude. We rely so much on politicians to make changes and forget that a lot of the changes must happen first within our souls, houses, communities…

Name a place you would like to visit? I actually recently made a list of places to visit..

I have a list of almost 30 places here in the US and around the world. I want to visit all 50 US States and have been working on that for the past few years and definitely want to visit all countries in Europe.

What is your favorite Inspirational quote?

I would say it motto is happiness is a choice. I choose happiness.

Do you think humans should be concerned about the planet?

Most certainly! We should all be concerned about it. Regardless of how long we live, others should get to enjoy the beauty this world has to offer and it is up to us to protect and maintain it.

“Change is paradoxical. This is because the more one tries to be who he is not, the more one stays the same.” – Embrace who you’re today and Focus on your strengths and how they can be used in different situations more so on what you don’t like about yourself. You’ll shine and evolve.
“Mudança é paradoxal. Isso é porquê quanto mais você tenta ser quem você não é, mais você permanece do jeito que você é.” – Permita ser quem você é hoje e der mais foco nos seus pontos fortes e como eles podem ser usados em diferentes situações ao invés no que você não gosta em você. Você vai brilhar e crescer. .

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