Inspirational Vegan Parents: Massiel Alejandra – Be Honest with your Children.

Holla! I’m Massiel From @selflovingvegana  I’m in Maryland raising a vegan family. I’m the mother of a 13-year-old, 8-year-old & 2-month boy. And a 5-year-old girl. 

Three of my children were not born vegan. I just recently experienced a vegan pregnancy with my fourth child so he is vegan from birth.

My daughter who is the second youngest was breastfeeding until she was 3 1/2, she did have some dairy products until she was around 2-years old. It was easier with her to transition her to veganism because she wasn’t introduced to animal products as the older boys where.

I transitioned to veganism about 3 years ago and it was overnight. What made me go vegan was being a mother and because at that time I was breastfeeding my daughter and saw footage of a mother cow crying for her baby when they took her away. That night I cried and I vowed to not be any part of it. How could I do that to another mother just because I enjoy, he breasts milk because that’s what honestly cheese is cows breast milk. The next day I tossed out everything that was dairy and meat in the house. My kids thought I was going crazy but I explained to them what happens to animals. I showed them @bitesizevegan YouTube which is great for kids to explain about animals and why be vegan.  I explained to them we don’t want to continue harming animals. They reacted sad for the animals and were excited to join me on this journey. I told them at home they were plant base but when they went out the can make their choice. ( which they ate mostly vegetarian).

A few months later, I realized dairy was not good for your health and kids with ADHD so I explained this to my oldest and agree not to have any dairy and he wanted to be fully vegan. My other son started to have stomach pain when we went out. We realized dairy was affecting him so he cut it off.

I was able to experience a vegan pregnancy. I didn’t feel as nauseous or vomit like my previous three pregnancies. I wasn’t bloated the weight was just in my stomach. I didn’t crave meat or animal products if anything I crave fruit and vegan version of my food. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which has nothing to do with my eating habits more about the placenta but I was able to manage it and go full term. The youngest was born almost seven pounds and is healthy. 

Gardein was one of the first vegan meats we introduce and it was a hit. Vegan cheese took a while for them. But with consistent information reminding them why we are vegan. And I challenge myself to make all the food they enjoy veganized was excited for them and myself. One meal they love is tacos we make them with Gardein crumbles and it’s always a hit even my mom who is not vegan enjoys them. 

I have also bought books @veggievero by Veronica Green, Ruby Roth has “help yourself“ vegan cookbook for kids.

I also teach children about veganism lifestyle beyond food and I don’t buy any honey products but if we are a friends or family members house, I’m not strict with them consuming if it has honey but that’s about it and most time, they actually choose not to have it.  

When I take kids to parties, I let people know we are vegan and they accommodate. Some even got the kids vegan pizza or treat.  Sometimes I’ll offer to bring something and I explain to them they might not have vegan food and to remember why we are vegan. 

A tip I would say is, be honest with your children and when it feels right to show them videos that actually happen to animals. And organized their favorite meal give them time and there so many amazing options out there now. Favorite restaurant kids like is Hip City Veg in D.C. They have great vegan burgers and shakes.  Even my nephew who isn’t vegan  Gardein veggie tenders or simply peanut butter and jelly. 

I also have a YouTube channel can follow me  I haven’t post much but will start doing more videos in the future. 

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