Inspirational Animal Rights Activists: Rob Lopez – I Always Try to Plant the Seed of Veganism.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Rob. I was born in Michoacán, Mexico. I currently live in Richmond, CA. I love creating music, art, photography, and graphic designing. I’ve lived a crazy, but happy, life. I made it out of a state of mind I use to have. Growing up I witnessed a lot of domestic and gun violence. My father brutally abused my mother until he was deported and when I was 20, my childhood friend was shot to death and died in my arms as I tried to save him. Because I have suffered these traumas, I am now an activist and work every day to end violence and oppression. If you have trauma and you need help, therapy is a great source of guidance. There area lot of resources out there like BetterHelp. Click here to check them out.

What lead you to veganism? How long ago?

The last day I lived in Atlanta, GA I went out to my first Cube of Truth to video record my friends first time joining one. They didn’t have enough people so I volunteered to help. That was two years ago.

Tell us about our journey to activism?

I never really knew about animal farming till the day I went to record the video for my friend. While I was recording all I could hear were the screams of innocent beings being mistreated and put through pain. I moved to Winton, CA the day of my first cube. The screams never left my mind. They were always in the back of my mind. I asked myself why is this going on and why did they never show us this part of what were meat came from.

As time went by living in the Central Valley of California all I would see is animal agriculture and I got a job in the fruit and vegetable fields. I worked near some of the places and would hear the sounds of beings trapped. So, I decided to look for a Cube of Truth near me to do more. As time went by, I kept getting more involved and learn so much from different communities and liked-minded humans.

Why are you an activist?

When I saw my mother suffer from domestic abuse at the hands of my father and my friend gasped for their last breath and died in my arms, I seen the face of an innocent sentient being suffering. I made the connection and noticed we all are the same no matter what color or species we are.

What type of activism are you involved in?

Animal , human, immigrant, and climate. DXE , Anonymous For The Voiceless , Animal Rebellion , Extinction Rebellion, and Close The Camps

What were your thoughts and feelings before your first activism event?

I thought it was very weird and I was anxious.

How did you feel once the event was over?

Very happy. I learned something new that I never questioned before.

How do you feel you are most effective as an activist?

Recording an event or being there as support or bringing ideas.

What’s been your most memorable moment as an activist? Toughest moment?

ALC 2019 being around so many like-minded humans fighting to better the life of other sentient beings and the world.

What is your favorite type of activist event?

Cubes of Truth, Marches, Disruptions

Please recommend your favorite activism video/s, book/s or website/s to share?

Dominion , What the Health , Animal Rights Book

Who are your activism role models? Why?

Every one that is doing something about what’s going on.

When you first went vegan how did you phase out your non-vegan food, clothing and other items?

I first went vegan for health reasons seeing my mother and sister in the hospital about to die in the same day.

I wanted to break a cycle and be a better example for myself and also my younger siblings and others that would be motivated by it. As time went by living in Berkeley, I started learning more from others and learned about the clothes I wore and started detaching myself from material items.

Do you believe we should show children the process of how animals are turned into products?

Yes, I do. I believe if its ages under 5 to 10 we can use books, cartoons, songs, art. For teenagers, we can use what society makes looks cool and turn it vegan. So, we can make it normal. So, the more they see what’s going on it will be normal to them growing up.

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What does being vegan mean to you?

Vegan to me stands out on just food and products now days vegan has really been tossed around and they will label anything vegan. I treat everyone the same but always try to plant a seed with people even if they don’t seem to get it. I do my best to use items that are only vegan companies.

Is it every vegan’s duty to become an activist?

I believe we all should play a part in some type of activism if it’s not animals we could use health activism to help others with illnesses or mental problems, climate to better our planet. and animal activism to help out all the poor animals with no homes or freedom of living life freely and happiness.

Are you the activist you want to see in the world? Why?

Yes. To break the ego of the big tuff person we put in front of others but in reality, we want change. and to be a good example to anyone looking.

What is the activism scene like in your city?

It’s beautiful seeing so many humans coming together to fight for what needs to happen in the world for the better.

What personal recommendations can you make for people to get involved in activism?

Break out of your comfort zone and go ahead and do it because if you never go out and do it then you will never know what would’ve happened if you didn’t take that risk. You can be the one that makes that change and others will follow.

What do you feel is your biggest area of opportunity for growth in your activism?

Being transparent with others and bringing any type of ideas and planning things out.

How do you balance your well-being and activism?

Meditation, nature, animals, loving myself and surrounding myself with like-minded beings.

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  1. Rob is an awesome guy. Very genuine and real from what I’ve cone to know of him. Proud to stand next to him in animals rights activism

  2. I feel privileged to know Rob. He’s such a good person. I’ve seen him grow so much as an activist! Keep going! He even helped to get his younger brother involved. And he has the coolest girlfriend ever! Thank you for being a friend and a fellow activist! Thank you for making that connection!

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