Being Vegan, Vegan Being: Seeking Jess – I Always Act With Caution So I Don’t Harm Other Beings

Tell us a little about yourself.  

Currently, I live in Germany, that’s where I am from. But I have already lived in many other countries such as Spain or South Africa. I have actually just recently quit my job in Marketing to pursue my passion to become a Vegan Nutritionist. I want to show people how amazing a Vegan lifestyle can be by creating inspiration content on Instagram and Youtube.

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What lead you to veganism? How long ago?

I have been vegan since December 2017. I first became vegan due to it’s great health benefits that I have found through tons of research online. Later on I saw more images on animal agriculture and the environmental impact of veganism. And since then I never looked back again.

When you first went vegan how did you phase out your non-vegan food, clothing and other items?

I became vegan overnight. The food that I had left, like cheese, I gave away to friends. Other items such as leather clothes, I sold online.

Do you believe we should show children the process of how animals are turned into products?

Yes, educating children on what they have on their plate is super important. I think it should be done in a playful manner, by telling them that it is wrong to harm other animals. Later on, though, a child should be able to make their own decision.

What does being vegan mean to you?

Being vegan to me is to not cause harm to other beings. Every action I take every day I do with caution to make sure that no one has been harmed or will be harmed if it is an animal, human being, or even the environment.

Is it every vegan’s duty to become an activist? What form of activism do you take part in?

Maybe. I believe it is up to each and every one. My form of activism is through social media by showing other people how amazing vegan food is and how healthy it can be.

Any recommended vegan books, social sites, or blogs?

Podcast: Plant Proof Website: Books: How Not To Die, The China Study

Do you have a favorite movie or videos or your own media that you want to share?

Yes, I have tons of great vegan inspiration on my Youtube Channel, which you can find under Seeking Jess. There you will find many different great vegan recipes, vegan travel videos or just tips on veganism. Would love to see you on there 🙂

What’s your favorite Vegan restaurant?

India (Goa): Bean Me Up Spain (Barcelona): Väcka, The Green Spot, Maoz, CatBarCAT, BarCeloneta Sangria bar

Please share your favorite vegan recipe?

I like simple, quick and easy recipes like oven baked sweet potato, topped with guacamole and hummus, Yum!

Some encouraging words for new Vegans?

Becoming vegan has been the best decision I ever made in my life. It has changed my life in so many ways, I am sure it will do the same to you!

What is the vegan scene like in your city?

Unfortunately not that developed yet, but with time I am starting to see more vegan products in supermarkets and some restaurants. So we are getting there 🙂

What personal recommendations can you make for people to meet other vegans?

Instagram is I think the best way to connect with other vegans. There are also tons of Facebook Groups, that will help you connect to vegans from all around the world.

What does living cruelty-free mean to you?

Causing the least harm to other beings.

What is the toughest Vegan item to find that you need?

Certain make up products

Talk about a time when you struggled with your Veganism?

When I was gaining weight and I didn’t know how to eat right.

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