Artists You Need to Know: Justin Jenkins – Diving Into the Unknown, I Let My Curiousity Lead the Way



The journey for creative spirits is one filled with many rewards. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than to sit down and create another vision filled with color and my unique spin on life.

I enjoy thinking outside the box and the challenge of new ideas manifesting into visual forms. I have naturally gravitated towards a surreal outlook on life and try to envision worlds where we look at things inside out and upside down in order to extract the heart of truth.

My passion for creating lies in the nucleus of this idea and is what drives me to further my creative aspirations. The further I dive into the unknown and let my curiosity lead the way, the more I want to learn and grow as an artist. There is something transcendent about the process of creating that enables me to reach further into life and take visual risks while at the same time challenging me to come up with new visions and exciting new frontiers. This exploration has become my parachute into new worlds where color surrounds me and forms become part of me. The whole process is a cathartic revelation that enables me to connect to a higher energy or power like a lightning rod and harness the creative potentials within me. Channeling these forces inspires me to new creative horizons

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Who is your favorite artist and what does their work say about the way you think?

When i entered college, I began my exploration into the history of art and started researching artists based on the recommendations of various Professors. I quickly became fascinated with the works of Bosch, Dali, Picasso, Leger, and DaVinci. I was particularly drawn to Fernand Leger for his importance on compositional balance and structure. The way he interacted the breakdown of forms into shapes and his use of color to harmonize the overall balance appealed to me greatly. Being an analytical thinker wth a spiritual base, the overall fusion of color, form, shape, and line began my journey into a unique style that would come to fruition later on in a more surrealistic way.

Do you believe in God?

As a man of God, the importance of his influence over me and the gifts he has given me cannot be underestimated nor ignored. I count my blessings every day and i’m thankful for being able to create my visions and have the ability to see them through. I owe all I have to him and his glory and power. His love works through me and it enables me to use my intuition in creative roadblocks to finding answers to bold questions throughout the creative process. I do not preach nor do I force anyone to find God, but from personal experience and from what he has done for me has made me believe in his power even more and sometimes to get to a new level or heights of creativity or any personal journey, he could be the missing link to propel you further!

What do you think is the meaning of life?

I think all of us has a different perspective on life and our journey is unique. The fundamental reason we are here is to grow as individuals spiritually, emotionally, and intelligently. We owe ourselves this unique opportunity to make the best of life and experience personal growth as far as life will take us. WE should learn from the ups and downs and take wisdom from each experience and share it with others who perhaps haven’t reached that stage yet. Giving back and sharing are critical to living an important life that is rewarding. We all have different missions and goals, but one of the common threads is the love and caring that resides in our hearts.

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