Artists You Need to Know – Delvs – The Women I Paint are Unapologetic, Honest, Funny, and Strong. Like Me

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Instagram – @DElVS102

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I discovered graffiti in the first year of high school. After a couple years of just writing my name, I moved on to characters.

They developed so quickly, and with such a great response from friends and the public, that I ultimately just left letters behind. Now I focus on allot line work in my illustrations and walls.

Bright colors and different color combinations drive my work forward. My day job as a sign painter lets me have fun with letters still. I model most of my characters after actual people I see in Miami.

Obviously, my work is highly influenced by the music I love. My characters love ska, punk, reggae, and rockabilly.

My girls seem to be a little like me. they’re unapologetic, honest, funny, and most of all strong. 

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