Pound and Found. Pet Rescue Stories. Luna’s Story by Maddie Donner, Age 13.


Luna, our family’s second rescue dog, is our most unique. Even peculiar, like no other. Her story, however, is just as odd. Luna was born in November of 2013, to a giant litter. She was labeled as the runt. That’s when she was claimed by a teenage boy who went to Independence High School in Glendale, AZ. He brought Luna to school and asked the dance teacher to take care of Luna. She refused and brought the puppy, who was two weeks old at the time, to the secretary. My mother, who also worked at the school was in the office to greet the secretary, for they were good friends. That’s when the secretary proceeded to show my mother Luna, who was in a shoebox inside the the secretary’s desk drawer.


The secretary told my mom the story about the boy leaving the dog. Apparently, he made two claims. The first being that his aunt was a breeder and this little puppy was the runt. Therefore, her intention was to get rid of her. In fear of an innocent dog’s life, he took her. The second was he was walking down the street and stumbled across the small puppy, under the tire of a car. The boy was unsure if he wanted to keep her because it came with a large responsibility. My mom offered to take her many times, and he finally decided to let her go with someone a little more responsible.


That day, my brother and I had plopped down on the couch after a long day at school. (Being in the fifth and second grade is more tiring than you think). About an hour later my mom came home. She came and sat down with us as if nothing was going on. We noticed she was cradling a small animal. At first, I believed it was some sort of toy or even a rodent. Once we asked our mother and she explained, we were overwhelmed. We already had three dogs, and four was testing us. Although we weren’t necessarily ready, she was too adorable to take to a shelter.


The following weeks were hectic. Taking care of a two-week-old puppy is much more difficult than any other dog. She was separated from her mother, so she still needed milk for the next six weeks. Not only was this bad at the moment, it hurt Luna a little in the long run. She doesn’t have many natural skills that most dogs have when they grow up in a litter. To this day, she is more introverted, except to the other dogs she’s been with her whole life.


Besides being socially unique, she is just overall different. Her breed, unlike any other, is some sort of pug chihuahua, with a touch of wiener dog (at least I believe so). Somehow, that odd combination has made her the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. Another great thing about her is her loyalty and neverending energy. Anytime I am sitting on the couch, she will come up to me and sit with me. When I’m not, she will be constantly running around with a toy, begging the closest person to play. She’s not even a puppy, yet she still loves to play.


Something very important that I’ve learned from Luna is that you don’t need a dog from a breeder or a puppy mill to make a happy family. Luna has been an absolutely perfect dog, better than I could imagine. If anyone were to ask me to recommend how to get the perfect family dog, I wouldn’t hesitate to answer. I would tell them to drop everything and rescue a dog. Dogs that have a story, are far more inspirational because of where they came from and what happened to them. I’ve found that rescue dogs are far sweeter because they appreciate the fact that they have a family. Dogs are extremely intelligent, and they know to take nothing for granted. When they do get a family, they will deeply appreciate it, because they are feeling love.


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