Pound and Found. Pet Rescue Stories. I didn’t want Fur in my life. But, now I have Nitro, Vivian, Harry and Daisy

This Love story told by Carolyn Williams.


I’m wasn’t sure what to write about my “fur babies”. That’s what everyone calls their pets now, Fur babies. I can tell you I didn’t want any, I didn’t like dogs; slobbery, shedding, yapping beasts. Large, small, medium makes no difference; just one more thing to take care of in the day. NOT FOR ME, I tell ya!

Then there was Nitro, 86 pounds of Bulldog. Given to us by a man who could not pay my husband for work he’d done.


Ok, ONE dog. He’s well mannered and kinda sweet. We can love him, Feed him and make him a member of the family. I can live with one dog! My husband will be his caregiver, right?

Vivian was given to me by my co-workers.; a long-legged, gangly beast. She was a gift of love after we lost a baby English bulldog a few months before that we had talked ourselves into. My co-workers stood around me, some crying. I held her and she laid her head on my shoulder. “If you aren’t ready for her, if this isn’t what you want, we can take her back!” Who gives a dog as a gift? WHO? Well, I wasn’t ready for her, she was NOT what I wanted and I was NEVER giving her back. Vivian and I bonded. She is my love.

Vivian and Nitro
Vivian and Nitro

Who names a dog after a Singer? My daughter does! After coming to us with her tale of despair, about how she sleeps alone every night! “You have a daddy to sleep with and my brothers share a room, I’m ALL ALONE!” It worked; her father and I decided to find a small dog, easy to take care of, minimal affect on our lives. HAHA! We found him on Facebook. We picked him and brought him home to her. She squealed with excitement! Finally, a friend a co- roommate just for her! “HARRY!!! That’s his name mommy, for Harry Connick Jr!” Fine, she’ll take care of him. Right?

Harry and Daisy
Harry and Daisy

Life seemed so simple. I was coping. Then we got the call. The woman we purchased Harry from was in crisis. She had to move and could not take her dogs. She cried on the phone to me, wailing. ‘You seemed like such nice people and I have to know Daisy has a good home, this is breaking my heart!!!”


“STOP CRYING!” I said to myself. I can’t allow this to happen, poor thing, who can take her dog? We couldn’t possibly take her! We have balance!!! You know as well as I where this is going, don’t you? Of course, we took her! How could I tell this crying furbaby momma that she was out of luck? Take her the pound, drop her at a church, I don’t care!!! Wait, yes I do. DANG IT! That was the day when we acquired Miss Daisy; Sweet, precious little Daisy.

Viv, Daisy and Harry
Viv, Daisy and Harry

Daisy instantly fell in love with my husband and boys and they took to her quickly as well. They’ll all take good care of her, right?

One dog for payment, one a gift of love, One to appease a little girl, One to Re-home & ease the pain of a fur momma. How did we get here? FOUR dogs!! I don’t want four dogs, I can’t handle four dogs, have you ever tried to feed four dogs? I smile a lot at all these thoughts I have because really, I am so in love with my four dogs. How do they do that? How do they become a place to lay your head on, ears to hear you vent, a silly creature to make you laugh? Many of our days start and end with a story about a dog. My children are part of their lives and they are better people because they love these dogs.

Nitro and Vivian have gone on to make 11 beautiful baby bulldogs and they have gone to wonderful homes! We receive pictures and stories every day from the family’s that have our grand fur babies. We love them all! Harry and Daisy keep life interesting for us, we laugh at them often. All these personalities under our roof make every day a new story to tell!

I never wanted Fur babies in my life but here we are with four of them. I finally understand “Fur babies”, I finally get it. Every life can be enhanced in some way whether it is marriage, children, education, travel; you never know what will jump out and grab you. I’ve experienced wonderful things in mine, however, the gift that surprised me the most was the gift of my slobbery, shedding, yapping beasts: MY Fur babies.

I would LOVE to give a shout out to Daniel Harnish at the Harnish Vet Services for taking such good care of my Fur Babies!

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