Pound and Found. Pet Rescue Stories. Curry’s Story by Bergen Donner, Age 10


Story of Love Shared by Bergen Donner, Age 10.

Saturday was a good day because we got to adopt a dog from the Halo Animal Rescue at Maricopa County Animal Control. About a week earlier we adopted a dog, named Natalie, at the Halo Animal Rescue up at Metro Center. She responded to Lucy and she slept with me. She was a very sweet dog, but we had to take her back because she went potty all over the house and was aggressive towards other dogs. The day we took Lucy back was my parents’ anniversary, and it was sad, but luckily, I wasn’t there. I went to my grandma’s house.


The next day we wanted a dog for me to sleep with so we went to the Halo Animal Rescue in the Maricopa County Animal Control. We walked straight outside to the adoptable dogs to look at a dog we were going to get, named Maddox, but sadly, she was gone. Luckily, she probably has a loving home now, though. Outside, we found a really cute dog named Greta. We also found a dog named Kiwi who was very timid, but she was really sweet. And we found Raisa, a very odd looking dog, who seemed to have a Beagle head, but did not have a Beagle body. Lastly, I found Maddy, who no one gave attention to except me.

Then we went inside to the counter to do some meet and greets with the dogs – Raisa, Greta, Kiwi and Maddy. First a nice lady told us to go into the meet and greet room, and we waited.

The lady came back with Greta, who was very kind, and loving, but very timid, and she would not pay any attention to my family. Next, we met up with Maddy, who was very sweet and cuddly, and jumpy. We decided since Maddy was so good, we did not meet up with the other two dogs.

We then decided to adopt Maddy. The nice lady brought my mom a form to fill out, and she filled it out very quickly. The lady gave us a bag of dog food and a leash for Maddy, and we went home.


We decided to name her Curry. Curry is very pretty and has brown fur, and a brown nose, and brown eyes. We decided to name her Curry because of the color of her fur, like the spice. My favorite thing about Curry is her brown nose. I think it makes her unique! Curry sleeps in my room gets along well with our other dogs, Luna and Sweet Pea, and does not cause any aggression.


I think Curry is a very sweet dog. I love her, and I hope that she works out for my family and me. I’m glad that I gave Curry a new home because I can’t imagine what life is like at the Halo Animal Rescue.


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