Non-Profit Spotlight: The Sweet Destinee Foundation, Inc.


Originally outlined with her mom as a senior grad project, Madi’s ideas blossomed and it did not take long for her ideas to become a reality. The Sweet Destinee Foundation, Inc. began in April of 2016 and aspires to bring programs and opportunities to chronically and terminally ill youth, young adults, and their families that develop personal growth and self-expression through self-advocacy while renewing strength, hope, and joy.

Chronic illness is nothing new to Madi, she herself suffers from a terminal disease. After having her first surgery at 2 weeks old, it took 57 specialists, four misdiagnosis and 16 years for the doctor’s to finally diagnosis her with an extremely rare disease called Mucolipidosis 11/111. Over the years while dealing with the many doctor appointments, multiple surgeries and hospital stays, Madison began discovering self-advocacy for youth in the medical field was almost frowned upon and was a huge void in hospital treatment plans for young adults with a chronic illness. Believing that from a void, a great idea can arise, The Sweet Destinee Foundation, Inc. began.

madi group

Madi along with employees of The Sweet Destinee Foundation, Inc. (or as we like to call it at the office “Sweet Dee”) travel the country empowering and teaching others like herself the importance of self-advocacy through the different programs she has developed over the past year. Three different facets of the program have been developed and include seminars for patients, their caregivers and those in the medical field such as doctors, nurses, and social workers.

For more information on how we can inspire and encourage your young adults, please contact The Sweet Destinee Foundation, Inc. at (970) 227-0788 or

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