Non-Profit Spotlight: Barn Sanctuary – 70 Acres of Animal Love – Where You can Cuddle with Chickens.


Mission at Barn Sanctuary

Barn Sanctuary at McKernan Farm provides rescue and shelter to horses, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, goats, and rabbits who have been rescued from cases of abuse, abandonment, and natural disasters.

We are a place where visitors can come face to face with the animals they may only know as dinner and learn about the devastating effects of modern-day farm factories on the animals, the environment, and human health. Here you can play with goats in a large open field, sit down with a pig who wants nothing more than a belly rub, cuddle with chickens who seek out your attention or get nuzzled by some very friendly sheep!

We’re a hands-on animal sanctuary dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for animal refugees. We educate the general public about the horrific treatment of animals raised for food, and the positive impact that a plant-based diet can have on the environment and our health.

Dan McKernan, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Dan is a seasoned tech and design professional with a background in providing tools and technology resources for non-profits. When Dan isn’t working, he’s staying healthy practicing yoga, training for triathlons and studying up on his passions like farm management and animal justice.


Tom McKernan, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Owner of Mckernan Farms, Tom is an active member of the Chelsea community. A former pharmacist, Tom is now an electoral candidate for the township of Sylvan.


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