No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask – Bridget Heenan #58- I Want Everyone to Find Self-Love!

This Inspirational Interview is brought to you by Bridget Heenan of the oldest city in the nation, Saint Augustine, Florida. Bridget was born in New Jersey and grew up there. She moved to Florida to attend Flagler College and after graduation, she decided to stay! Currently, she is a Director for the nonprofit (PACT) helping youth pursue their natural highs. She’s passionate about her friends and family. When it all comes down to why I do what I do, it’s because of them. Her happiness revolves around loved ones. They truly are the best and make me feel so loved every day. The thing she is proudest of is her happiness. She works hard every day on her mental health, and it still isn’t the easiest thing for me to have. She wants everyone to have self-love!!!

You can catch Bridget online here: Instagram: @brigheenfit

Here are her answers to the bonus questions!

What advice would you give the teenage you?

You are enough, you are beautiful, you deserve people in your life that support and love you. Focus on your friendships, play as many sports as possible, care about your health, be forgiving (to yourself and others). Spend as much time as possible with your siblings.

One person living or dead you would love to hang out with for a day? What would you do?

My brother Matthew. Hang out together in St. Augustine Beach, go surfing, talk for hours, let him know how proud I am of him and how lucky I am to have him as a big brother.

Who is your favorite artist and what does their work say about the way you think?

Miley Cyrus. People give her so much crap, but when I talk to them about why I love her so much they all seem to agree with me. She’s vegan, founder of the nonprofit (Happy Hippies) that helps the homeless in the LGBTQ community, she’s crazy talented, a family person, and is absolutely genuine. We need more Miley in the world.

What is your favorite City?

I’m going to be cheesy and say any city that I am in with my fiancé Michael. We have been all over, from San Diego to Nashville to Philadelphia to Toronto, the list is never-ending. And it seems my favorite city is wherever we last were because he makes every day SO much fun and full of love. However, we are always so excited to get back home, so many St. Augustine is my favorite city.

Do you have a pet? What’s its name? How’d you name it? Supply a picture.

I have an outdoor cat, Miles, an indoor cat, Lana, and a corgi, Zeek! Before I got Miles I wanted to get a girl cat and name her Miley. However, when I saw a cute little boy cat in need of rescuing I knew I needed to get him, so I named him Miles instead! Lana is a rescue cat as well, my fiance’s cousin could not keep her any longer and we took her in with arms wide open … she’s so sweet!!. Lastly, I have always been obsessed with corgis. I’ve never owned one, but I followed a handful of corgi accounts and sent pictures of puppies to my fiancé (then boyfriend) Michael every day. One day he said he wanted to name his first son Zeek, and I said no way! We agreed that our first dog’s name will be Zeek (because I did love the name). Flash forward to a year later, and Michael proposed to me with the ring around the collar of a little Corgi puppy. Best day ever!!!

What is one attribute you got from your Mom? How has it been a benefit to your life?

Advocacy! She has given me the confidence to stand up for what I believe in, be a part of protests (ex: SeaWorld), and to be a vocal feminist.

What would be your secret power or super talent?

My friends and I always talk about this! I would want the capability to talk to the dead.

What is your biggest turn on?

Kindness and humor. Also, you should see my fiance’s dimples *to die for.*

Talk about a time you were bullied.

I had a girl post on my Facebook wall calling me thunder thighs. Girls (and guys) you are beautiful, cellulite is normal, and let’s try to build each other up.

Do you have any strange fears or phobias?

I’m not scared of balloons, but I’m scared of them popping! Freaks me out every time.

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