No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask. “An Artist Not of This World” Gabrielle Tesfaye – The Inaugural Interview.

Photo of me working. Photo by Qutress Trevino.
Photo of me working. Photo by Qutress Trevino.
Photo of me working. Photo by Qutress Trevino.

Gabriela Tesfaye, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is now an artist living in Harlem, New York Tesfaye says, “Getting to New York took getting to a place inside of me that triumphed all adversities, realized I am not a victim of anything and taking charge of my own life. Putting the fire into the manifestations, where desire turns to waking life, where style turns to power and here eye am. “I am going to New York City.” And so it is.”

In Tesfaye’s words, she and I were connected, “Through an energetic web between real life and the internet. You found a folder of my friends that had notes in it from an interview he did with me at my former art gallery I ran in Milwaukee. You saw my name in his writing, found my contact and reached out to me, in order to get his things back to him. Then we became connected! From WI to Cali. Blessings.”

Though I never met Tesfaye in person, after she helped me find the owner of the folder, I connected with her on Facebook. I was not only captivated by her art, I was also inspired by her status updates, which were often poetic and filled with other-worldly wisdom. Tesfaye says, “her passions resides in a vision of evoking The People out of societal limitations and lies, healing women, crashing down ameriKKKa, activating third eyes and awakening humanity to their highest selves. (I) just finished with a big show in the Midwest called Secrets of the Goddess with my artist partner Qutress Trevino. It was phenomenal. Now it’s a new year and back to the planning board to see what must be devised for 2016, and I’m getting the feeling it’s going to be something big. In the meantime, I am working as an artist full-time and always accepting commissions and fun projects within the community to be a part of.”

You wouldn’t know by the answers that Tesfaye provides to the questions below that she is only 20 years old. Enjoy!

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

What is one thing you are really proud of?

Honestly, nothing yet. I’ve done a lot of things in my little life time thus far, things people have said I should be really proud of. But I know what else I can create, there’s still ways to go.

Why should people know about you?

I define myself. No category, trend, race, religion, preexisted character here on Earth can define me. And the only thing you could do, is define me through your own -version of- me. Within this uniqueness is where I speak from, create from, live from. And it is peaceful here. And I want this peace to spill out onto the entire world. I have something to give to the world, messages through my art, that will change a lot of things here. I hope you are ready.

How important is music in your life?

I am very connected to music. Music is vibration and it influences my mood, the pace of my walking, the dance of my paintbrush. I support all of my musician friends. I also played piano for seven years and cello for four years, played in a quartet, and in multiple orchestras. I will reunite with music making again in the future.

How is Visual Art powerful?

People download images much faster in their brains than they do words. Symbols are a language. We know what red, yellow and green means when driving. Symbols with strikes through them on the road, images of a person walking, a deer, we process and understand them automatically, much faster than if they were written signs. We process the red in a stop sign before the word stop. Images, especially color, affect us on a psychological level, and can affect the way we feel. Graphic designers also learn these things. It’s no coincidence that Wendys, Mcdonalds, Burger King, Arby’s, the color of their brand and buildings is red and yellow, because red is said to evoke signals hunger and appetite in the body. Yellow is associated with friendliness. Green and blue give a sense of freshness, natural, relaxation. So it’s no surprise the popular sit and chill coffee shop Starbucks uses green (however the ones in NYC are def not chill). This is because color is also vibration just as music is, and vibrates at a certain frequency. You could also study this on a deeper level when looking at our chakra system. Moving on, having the position of an Artist, I can use colors, and images to give you a feeling, a vision, convince of you an idea. You can tell by my color choices what is suppose to give the viewer a sense of sadness, or happiness, or power. And if used correctly, and mastered, the messages and ideas an Artist can put into your head can change your entire world. Once the collective consciousness is shifted a certain way by an artist, then you can start to see massive change in the nation.. It is all about perception.

Do you believe in Aliens?

Do you believe in Gabrielle Tesfaye?

Do you have a favorite animal?

Dragon. Spirit animal.

Do you ever think you might’ve been someone in a past life? Who?

Lots of people.. And time is a concept, so, my soul could inhabit multiple bodies at “once”.. I could’ve already met someone who could’ve been me.

What is your horoscope sign? Do you feel it fits you?

Aries, yes it does fit me. I have studied astrology a lot. I have guesses peoples signs without them telling me their birthday after having one conversation with them. The position of the planets during the exact day year and time we left the womb influences us, like how how the moon influences the tides in the ocean and a woman’s menstrual cycle. Like how Mercury’s retrograde effects technology and communication (we are in a retrograde now, research it). Everything is interconnected.

One word to describe politics?


What is one law you would do away with?

All law is illegal. The only true law is the Universal Laws. The mystery, the way of how thing are.

If you could cure one disease in the world what it be? Why?

The mental disease called Race. It has been used as a tool by the governments and institutions to captivate people’s minds. Those in charge understand some secrets. They understand that your perception is what shapes your world, your view. Your perception is the glasses you see the world out of– what’s your prescription? Sepia toned, black and white? Muslims are terrorists, fat is ugly, abortion is evil, Jesus is white? They have branded your frames and through their glasses is how you see the world. With just a change of perception, everything is different. It’s like when you are having a bad day, everything just seems to suck, the the pain is more painful than usual. When you’re having a good day, it all naturally feels lighter, and things that bother you are easier to deal with when in a good mood than a bad mood. We have categorized each other within races based on psychical appearance, a very very small percentage of your entire genetic make up. And the governments have used race to get us to fight each other, kill each other, be resentful of histories they have sculpted against each other, so we don’t see the larger picture. Race is a very powerful mental disease and has been used as a tool to maintain power and division, and interwoven into so many things from the structure of neighborhoods, access, education, food, health…

Commission Piece, 2015
Commission Piece, 2015

How do you think we can fix the racial divide in the United States?

There is another eye we have, one which their frames can’t be put over. One that is so powerful, they try to block with fluoride in our water but it can still be Awakened. This is the third eye through which we can see all things. We are all distant relatives, we are Soul.

Do you think World Peace is possible? What’s one thing you think might be the first step in the direction of it?

YES! It is possible and seeing visions of it makes me so excited for our future. First we must accept the reality of what we are living in. Within that acceptance we must come to terms with our current state and the old mental patterns that we were once captivated by. It’s like waking up from a dream. Emotional resentment towards other races must be let go. Hate must be let go. Emotions but be shifted into healthy manifestations. Responsibility for ourselves must be maturely accepted. A victim mindset must be shattered. Make your Fears bow down to you. Recognize and relearn the ancient ways of our ancestors, the secrets, the Truth. We are so much bigger than race, and even culture. Culture is beautiful language we use to communicate, we live in a multicultural world because the language varies between what region in the world you are, the translation of the cosmos are different where in the world you are because of the language. Essentially all creation stories of the universe, from the Native Americans to ancient Japanese all illustrate the same thing. All religions speak of the same force. We must love ourselves and come together, self love is very important, and developing to your highest and purest self. I just read somewhere that the number one use of guns in the U.S, is for suicide.. Crazy.

Name a place you would like to visit?


What is one attribute you got from your Mom? How has it been a benefit to your life?

Anyone who has been lucky to meet my mother knows she is so, so gentle. So kind and gentle. She is why I have a soft heart. When in conflict in personal relationships with friends, I feel I have always been the one who will get fucked over then still send that person love. Maybe I have been too nice in the past, and I have slowly over the years learned how to withdraw myself if I feel I have been stuck in draining friendships and romantic relationships and constantly getting used. But I see the larger pictures of things especially in friendships, what that relationship serves, why I met a person in this specific lifetime, if my story with them is over or not. Emotions get high and feelings get hurt. Jabs get thrown. That “fuck you then” mentality within my generation, I can never truthfully get with. And I hate being mean. You never know when a person’s last day on earth will be, what comeback you’re gonna hit them with after they have died? That’s serious. There is a strict and automatic energy of honor, around the death of someone. I always have my last words with people be “love”. Lead with love and leave with love. So it’s all love over these ways. Any bitterness a person has towards me cannot touch the line I have drawn between those negative frequencies, and the radiating love.. it heals all. I see you. I know at the end of the day we are all in deep pain we let no one see, we just want to heal. I just want to heal too.

What was your earliest memory?

Three years old, watching a solar eclipse while holding my dad’s hand, outside of our apartment building. It was so windy, but not cold. And perhaps it’s because I was so small, but I remember the moon being SO huge, like a big slanted eye staring down at me from the sky that made the tree’s look like little flowers.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

The spirits are all around, honor them.
If I go to spend time with the river I ask the river spirit for its energy, thank the spirits of the earth for letting me picnic on it’s grass. I thank my guides for the protection. Call upon the gods and goddesses for their guidance in my work.

Did you ever have an imaginary friend? What was its name?

I had many growing up. I saw things. Especially faeries in the garden, and around the trees in the playground of my elementary school. I remember playing by myself at recess with my ‘imaginary’ friend, I don’t remember their name, but we were happy together.. Perhaps I’ll call upon them again someday. Or maybe they only served me for that period in time.

(Photo of Qutress and I at our Secrets of the Goddess show, just to show the full length of the Chakra Goddess)
(Photo of Qutress and I at our Secrets of the Goddess show, just to show the full length of the Chakra Goddess)

Is there anyone out there you would like to apologize to, which you haven’t been able to?

This lion man I once knew, who liked to talk with plants. Things could’ve been handled more peacefully. Love.

Where do you think your soul comes from?

A place of silence, with three suns circling each other in the sky. There’s no sky or ground and everything is dark, not black, just darkness. A place of great intelligence and seer of all things, but none of it is spoken. A place of codes and eyes, observances and peace. Stars and huge animals dancing above, outlined by constellations. Quiet flames and deep waters where my pet fish Yin and Yang swim peacefully, eternally. No people. No cars, cities, or clothes. No body. A place where I hope to return again.

Chakras Goddess. Individual limbs that can be pieced together, 9 ft tall.
Chakras Goddess. Individual limbs that can be pieced together, 9 ft tall.

You can see all of Gabby’s work on her Website:

You can follow Gabby on Instagram here: @tesfayetra.
And please consider supporting her work here:

The full story of how Gabby and I met can be found by clicking here.

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