No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #9 Caleb Harris – The Baton Rouge Angel Sent to Lift NOLA a Little Higher.


Caleb and I have never met in person, but the universe brought him into my journey because he has a big heart. Caleb answered a Craigslist ad for a videographer when I was working with the non-profit, Phoenix of New Orleans. We were trying to create a video for our landing page and needed someone who could help us out. Caleb responded and the rest is history.

From the moment we began working together I noticed he was always so willing and ready to do anything he could to make our video a success. He did a great job! We have kept in touch via Facebook ever since. I hope to be able to meet him in person someday and shake his hand for the great work he did, selflessly.

Caleb is a videographer and photographer who was born in Santa Monica. He has lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana ever since he was 15 because that was his father’s hometown. He owns the company, R.E.V.A.M.P, which is a digital arts and media company that specializes in videography, photography, digital designs, ad campaigns and electronic press kits. This is his first business venture.

When asked what he is passionate about, it wasn’t a surprised when he answered, “Taking pictured. It makes me feel alive. I believe great shots have great depth. They are multi-dimensional and provide more than what meets the eye. They can trigger emotion, serve as a memory aid, or tell a story. They are priceless and it is my job to capture the essence and build a gallery of priceless moments.”

Though photography is his passion, when asked about what he was really proud of Caleb said, “I am proud of my family. I feel they have instilled in me great values and a strong work ethic that has helped mold me into the man I am today.”

When I asked Caleb why people should know about him he said, “People should know about me because I am an independent artist on the rise and I feel that it is my calling to be a blessing for others and utilize my talents to help uplift others. I want to create opportunities for those who have none and feel life is hopeless. I want them to know that they are not crazy or alone.”

I believe the universe puts all the right people in your path and you either learn from them or teach them. I feel Caleb was sent by my higher power to be a lesson of giving. Caleb and I have a mutual respect for each other. He is another young, intelligent, and giving artist out there influencing the world. He gives me a lot of hope that our world is in great hands in the future.

I believe at my core that, “A good person can have a positive and infectious effect on way more people than a lousy one. It’s just that most people have been raised to embrace the misery. I want everyone to know that you can learn to embrace the beautiful things in life much more. Caleb, keep on creating and changing the world and “Thank You” for the kind words and everything you did to help get NOLA a little closer to being restored.”

Please check out Caleb’s work on his Web site below and check him out on Social Media.

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What would you like to be remembered for?

Being a visionary/revolutionary who made a difference in the world and helped others to succeed.

What one subject would you add to high school curriculums?


If we are filled with an infinite amount of love, why do we say we fall out of love? What’s the difference between being in love and love?

I think as we grow older and have different experiences our understanding of people, hobbies or situations evolve and other things fill that void of something we once loved. Being in love is a romantic obsession rather it be a person or item etc. I think having a love for someone never dies even if you begin to hate something I think having a love for someone or something never dies even if you begin to hate it because hate comes from a place of love.

Besides dying in your sleep, which way would you want to go?

As horrible as it sounds assassinated. Great figures have always been murdered when the there message is so powerful.

Do you have any strange fears or phobias?


What do you think is the key to a healthy relationship?


What is your biggest pet peeve?


What is your favorite accent


Who is your Celebrity crush?


Who is your favorite fictional character?


Do you believe in God?


Do you believe in Aliens?

Of course

What is one meal or food you could eat every day and not get tired of?


If you could cure one disease in the world what it be? Why?

HIV/AIDS it has killed so many within my community and there is still such a lack of knowledge to how it is generated and spread.

What advice would you give the teenage you?

Financial advice such as what is a 401 k plan, how to do my taxes, what is a credit score etc.

Name a place you would like to visit?

Tokyo Japan, I hear it is like one big video game.

What one word would people use to describe you?


Do you know anyone who has ever won the lottery?

Yes but he owed so much money to the state he only ended up with a small fraction of his winnings.

What is your favorite restaurant?


Are you superstitious?

No, I believe life is a string of random accidents and mistakes.

Why is reading books so important?

Knowledge is power

If this was your last day on earth, what would you do?

Tell everyone I care about I love you.


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