No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #52 – Nikki Starr, M.D. – I Hope to Awaken More Love on the Planet

This Inspirational Interview brought to you by Nikki Starr, M.D.

I was born in New York City. I was born and bred in NY. I went to NYU for college and medical school. I began to spiritually awaken while traveling the world after college. Experiencing different cultures, people, places and ways of living expanded my perception about life. I began wondering what the point of life is and many insights came to me during this travels. Yoga, meditation and time in Nature also opened my mind to new ways of being and helped me gain new insights into life and why we are all here. Gradually my natural healing and intuitive abilities awakened. As people began to witness my changes and journey, I began attracting people to work with interested in health, wellness, spirituality and wanting to change their lives. I also started to realize that living in cities is not always the healthiest or happiest lifestyle and that it also isn’t sustainable. This sparked my desire to return to Nature and I dreamed of living in a beautiful community where people would visit for retreats and to connect back to Nature and to themselves. Wanting to make an impact in the world, a friend recommended I apply for Utopia, a FOX reality show, which aired in the fall of 2014, about 15 people coming together from a different background to create a new society, to create a Utopia. Though the experience of being on the show was challenging, it helped me grow into more compassion. It also helped me see how all of us humans each have our own battles we are fighting and the healing power that can happen when we come together and support each other. After this experience, I continued my travels and began teaching retreats around the world. In May of 2016, I discovered Damanhur Community in Italy. For the past year, I have been splitting my time between LA and Damanhur. I feel the future of humanity is returning to Nature and living together as the social mammals.

Currently, I live half the year in Los Angeles and the other half in Damanhur Community in Italy. I host retreats to Italy to Damanhur, the community I live in. They are really transformative and life changing especially for people who wish to change their life or are going through a challenging time. These retreats offer lots of healing, support, and guidance with a structured program to help you discover more of who you are and your life’s purpose. These retreats are also an opportunity to experience another way of living, another kind of society. They open us to new insights and perspectives. I also offer private sessions and coaching online.

I am passionate about healing. Healing is something we can do now to enhance our lives in every way. Healing doesn’t happen only when we are physically ill, but rather as prevention for our future and as an enhancement for our lives right now. We all have wounds, trauma and limiting patterns to be healed both conscious and subconscious. When we heal them we enhance our relationships with others, our relationship with ourselves and how we interact with the world. We fill with more inspiration, love and radiate this out to the world affecting others in a positive way. I help others transform their lives. I am a healer, spiritual guide, and life coach. I began as a medical doctor then became a yoga and meditation instructor, which opened the doors to energy healing and intuitive abilities. Ultimately as a Love Ambassador, I hope to awaken more love on the planet.

I love easily. I love everything about life. Even the trees and sunsets can stir deep emotions within me. I love connecting deeply with people soul to soul. People should know that I’m all about living life to the fullest and that we can create any life we desire and love. It brings me such joy to help others heal, evolve, awaken and realize their full potential as I go through this journey myself. I dedicate my life to empower others to discover and live their happiness in harmony with the earth, each other, plants, animals, all beings and things. I’m a super passionate person.

My life is an authentic reflection of living true to myself. Sometimes this has meant saying goodbye to things, people and situations that were no longer serving. I am really proud of my ability to live guided by and in alignment with my heart.Even though it was sad or challenging at times, I had the courage and strength to do it because I knew in my heart there was more to discover.

All my life I have made decisions without knowing what would come next. I have a tendency to take big leaps of faith, like jumping off a cliff and trusting that I will land perfectly. I trust in the intelligence of life and that it always provides for us as long as we stay open to how things can unfold, sometimes better than we could have imagined. When I chose to depart from Western Medicine, I booked a one-way ticket to Ibiza. I had no idea what the future would bring or when I would return. I was open to anything, even moving to another country. It didn’t matter to me how much time and money I had invested in becoming a doctor–something was telling me to go. Travel, adventure and retreating always helped to put things into perspective, helping me to see the bigger picture. I knew there was more to healing than the medical field had taught me. I trusted my heart and intuition to guide this time of discovery. At the end of the three-month journey abroad, I found myself in a yoga teacher training on the beautiful Greek island of Amorgos. Afterward, I returned to New York (a place I once said would always be my home and that I would never live anywhere else) and found myself ready for change–because I had changed. I moved to California within the year without knowing anyone. After appearing on Utopia and traveling some more, I still felt something was missing for me. After finding Damanhur community through a friend’s recommendation, I realized sharing a spiritual life together with others every day was that missing piece. Now I live half the year in Damanhur, a spiritual community in Italy because it feeds my soul. There are countless stories I can share of my adventures around the world. Life doesn’t always make sense, nor does it have to. Sometimes we just get these feelings and we need to listen to them. I’ve traveled the world, I do what I love, I help people and I still do not know what the future holds, but I choose to trust and live guided by my heart and in doing so, life has been an incredible journey. I can honestly say if I die today, I am happy and in awe of the life, I’ve lived thus far.

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Enjoy Nikki’s answers to the Bonus Questions.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?

My medical training was a gift because it allowed me to experience birth and death. I have caught a baby coming out of the birth canal, feeling it take it’s first breath, hearing it cry for the first time. I also had to do chest compression on people and at times announce their death. Seeing the life and death changed me and really helped me to appreciate life even more.

Do you enjoy being in the nude?

Yes, in Nature I do. I love swimming in the ocean, lakes or river nude. I feel more connected to the elements. I find it to be very healing and rejuvenating too.

What do you feel about age?

To me, age is just a number. Wisdom and experience are not measured in Earth years. Also, the current time matrix in relation to age believes and projects that disease and certain ways of happening with age but these aren’t necessarily true. Since thoughts create, I prefer to remain outside of the matrix by not affirming my age. I believe there are another possibility and way for aging to occur.

One person living or dead you would love to hang out with for a day? What would you do?

I would love to hang out with Oprah. I really admire her as a woman and all that she has accomplished, especially how she has brought spirituality to the masses. Her interviews are always so heartfelt, authentic and inspiring. I would love to sit under one of the big, elder trees in her backyard and talk about life and affecting change in the world for the better.

Do you think World Peace is possible? What one thing do you think might be the first step in the direction of it?

I do think world peace is possible and it begins with peace. We must end all war, all protests, any acts of separation, criticizing of governments, people and ways of living and instead create the new world we wish to see with peaceful demonstrations and by being the example. Some things that are already happening but can happen more are mass meditations in public spaces, mass displays of love and kindness such as dancing in the streets together, doing yoga (which means union) together, gathering very diverse groups of people together for meals and celebrations. Let’s celebrate and honor the diversity of humanity and the beauty of our differences. The diversity of people, nations, and cultures is very important in keeping the richness of our planet. As humanity as a whole remembers this and begins to accept and love one another because of our difference we create world peace.

Name a place you would like to visit?

After traveling the world, I would still like to visit the Maldives. There is something pulling me there. The unique archipelago is very unique, beautiful and feels magical to me. Plus, the ocean and the sun are extremely healing. Time to just be and relax out on a hut over the ocean is an experience I am very much looking forward to.

What is your favorite Inspirational quote

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.”

Do you think humans should be concerned about the planet?

Yes, the planet is suffering because of overconsumption. At this moment, humans are like parasites to the Earth. Excessive buying of things creates excessive waste, all the mining of oils and resources, destroying forests for trees and mass agriculture, genetically modified foods depletes our soils of nutrients and result in foods that create disease. All the plastic ever made is still on the planet and is polluting our waters and even killing animals because they consume it. Species are dying. The disease is rampant. It is important humanity awakens to more sustainable ways of living connected back to the Earth and all living species.

What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

I went skydiving in Australia on the coast of Byron Bay. Although it was very adventurous, I found it to be a very spiritual experience too. The silence and the view once the parachute went up was so beautiful.

Celebrity crush?

I definitely love what Jason Silva is talking about. His videos are provoking humanity and I like that. I’d love to have some stimulating conversations with him somewhere beautiful in Nature overlooking the sunset.

What do you think is the meaning of life?

I think the meaning of life is to experience, to love and evolve ourselves. That with every life we grow into more love for ourselves and others.

Do you think we should walk on the grass in our shoes?

Yes! Earthing, or walking on the grass or earth barefoot, is SO healing. It helps us feel more connected to the Earth and the plant world. It also helps discharge any electromagnetic radiation from our bodies. Walking on the Earth relaxes us and helps us feel grounded too.

Do you enjoy hugs?

Yes!! I love hugs. They are so healing and wonderful. I love long hugs. We release neurochemicals in our brains that promote happiness when we hug for more than a minute.

What is one thing you tell people right now to change the world for the better?

Choose love. Always. Choosing love is putting aside our personal preferences, emotions, and reactions for the sake of the greater good. Choosing love is choosing to connect and share even when we feel like closing. Choosing love is giving someone a smile and say thank you. Choosing love is telling someone you love them or why you appreciate them just because. Choosing love is to live fully present in the moment, letting the past go and not worrying about the future. Choosing love is acting with kindness and compassion, remembering that each person is trying his or her best.

What do you think is the key to a healthy relationship?

I think the key ingredient to a healthy relationship is communication. Honest, open and compassionate communication. When we share our feelings with those we love, even if it is something uncomfortable or that we may not think is positive, it brings us closer to the other person. We cannot read each other’s mind so best to speak our needs, ask questions and share our process to bring us closer together.

Are you afraid of dying? Why or why not? Not at all.

There is a deep knowing within me that there is nothing to fear with death. Death is just the closing of a chapter. Our soul lives on in an infinite timeline, not of this world. Death is the gateway back to the oneness from where we come–a place without separation or fear. Death takes us back to the pure essence of love that we are. After death receive a break from Earth School before our next life, our next mission (or rather continued mission). Death also gives us a moment to remember and regain our trust, faith, and knowledge of who we are at our truest essence and an understanding of all that is. What is there to fear about death? The unknown? This is why truly living for the now prepares us for death because we never know what tomorrow will bring. Death and birth are two sides of the same coin. For one to exist, so must the other. Neither is better or worse than the other. They are equal. Friends. Just as everything in this dualistic reality of Earth.

Do you believe in soul mates? What does this mean to you?

Yes, I do believe in soulmates. To me, soul mates are people we have karmic contracts with this lifetime and we are connected to them from past lifetimes. In this lifetime we feel a strong, magnetic pull to them when we meet because we have lessons to learn from each other in order to help us grow and evolve. Our relationships with our soulmates can be joy-filled or painful, romantic or friendly or they can be for a season or lifetime. Nonetheless, we play out the relationship until we no longer feel the pull and attraction to connect with the person anymore. Sometimes we complete the karma by learning the lessons and other times we do not so we continue to play out the dynamic in the next life.

Why is reading books so important?

Reading books are important because they help us open to new ideas, perspectives, ways of being and thinking. We can live vicariously through and learn from characters and stories, as well as reflect on situations in our lives based on information and stories we read in books. Books can help to spark new insight and inspirations, igniting our spirit to live more fully as well.

If you started your own religion, what would 3 tenets of it be?

1. Heal thyself. 2. Love thyself and others. 3. Have fun and play! Life is a beautiful game!

Can you look in the mirror and say you love yourself.

Yes and I often recommend this exercise to clients I work with. Self-love can be a struggle for some people because of traumas and perceived failures, but this can be overcome! Self-love is the foundation of all of our relationships. How we love ourselves is how others will love us and how we will love others. Everything about our lives is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

If we are filled with an infinite amount of love, why do we say we fall out of love? What’s the difference between being in love and love?

Love is love. It is infinite and eternal. There is, however, a difference between romantic and unconditional love. Romantic love can often be confused with lust. With lust, it is easy to fall out of love. Lust is generally when we “fall” in love. The root of this can often be a sexual attraction. To “rise” in love that lasts, we must feel unconditional love. With unconditional love, we will always be in love because it is not based on certain criteria or conditions. With unconditional love, we feel a deep respect and connection to the soul of the person so even if we were once in a romantic partnership with the person but are not anymore, we will always love them.

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