No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #49 – Loren Tolman – What We Do When Nobody is Looking

This Inspirational Interview brought to you by Loren Tolman, Talk Show Host/ Developer /Artist/ Author/Skin Care Executive out of Toronto, Canada.

I am all about inspiring and supporting people. I love people and have been through so much. I just wanted to create a life-manual of sorts to help people on their physical journey. My podcast is the platform for this right now. I absolutely love coaching clients and speaking engagements,

I was born in Salt Lake City Utah. My parents moved our family when I was approximately six years old to a little town near Richmond, California. I’ve been bounced around throughout the Bay Area. Moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and now relocated to Toronto with my wife and daughter. We came to Canada because my wife has a lot of family here. I find this country is wonderful in terms of family and upbringing.

I’m very proud of my music catalog. I’m proud of the podcast I put together and the group of clients I have been training. In regards to speaking engagements, I’ve gotten really good about that because I am able to connect in a really intense authentic way with the audience. I’m also proud of the books I’ve written which are all related to the same subject matter of empowering, supporting, and helping people.

I’m very transparent. My hardships have been my greatest assets. They have qualified me to speak on all types of issues, battles with mental illness, substance abuse, career counseling, finding courage, and identifying your true passion and wrapping your life around that. I always work towards helping people become congruent with their true values. My father was bipolar and schizophrenic, my mother was the daughter of an Oakland police officer, they couldn’t have been any more different. They divorced when I was 13. I was left with my suicidal father. Every day was the day I am might’ve found him dead at home. I fell into substance abuse in order to manage my emotions and at 20 had somewhat of a nervous breakdown a.k.a. spiritual awakening. This is the beginning of my journey almost every incarnation of sorts where I was to find who I truly was, the pain gave me the opportunity to transcend and since then I have been teaching people how to do the same.

After about 15 years of staying on my spiritual path, excited to begin exploring some outside issues which took me away from first things first, I ended up taking my eye off the ball and as a result fell back into dabbling with cannabis and alcohol to see if it was just a by-product of early life drama. As a result, I almost lost my entire family.That gave me the conviction to get back on my path in a new and profound way. It was what I needed in terms of respect for the spiritual path and conviction of who I really truly am in my heart of hearts. Again one of my life’s great difficulties turned into a major asset.

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Please check out his answers to the bonus questions.

If I could cure one disease I would cure the disease of the ego, to me the ego taints everything that we see, we are unable to see the beauty of life as we through muddy glasses, it’s like being in a pristine river that someone has trudged through and there is nothing but murky water…this cure would illuminate that sediment, and you would just see how pristine this body of water actually is.

If I was president I would require an entirely different type of education system, One focusing on the whole hearted person, all about abundance mentally spiritually physically and emotionally.

Music is crucial to me, I have a new record coming soon …speaking on all the topics I am passionate about. The name of the single is god if you’re real, then show me.

The one gift I got from my father is my voice, I believe, he was actually a talk show host, he had one of the biggest shows in Utah for years. I think I’m a bit of a baritone, people seem to not be offended by it 🙂

If I could give one gift to someone I would give them the gift of hope. Hope, and inspiration.

The biggest teacher I’ve ever had is been my wife and I’m going to have to say my daughter too, they give me an opportunity to see myself clearly every single day, they’re basically like mobile mirrors.

My earliest memory was a dream of sorts, it was a dream of familiarity, a place I had been before so familiar in fact it was before Loren Tolman, before this body – before everything that I know as me up to this point. I have this feeling of “oh yeah, this is where I’m from, when did I forget this?!”

I think the amount of money that’s enough for me is the amount that gives my family and I as much freedom as possible. Time is our greatest asset, a commodity that should not be taken lightly, the older I get the more I cherish it.

In the name of transparency I do speak to inanimate object’s, whenever I’m frustrated not accepting things as they are I talk to animate objects in a very violent way, telling them that I will kill them slowly and things like that.

My favorite time. Is now, because it’s always been now no matter how long ago, and it always will be, come on you guys know that.

There’s no question in my mind that we inhabit other planets, Richard Branson and Elon musk already making significant steps towards our inhabiting Mars, in fact, there’s an entire generation of children right now being trained to navigate that planet, some people think that this generation will be the last to inhabit earth, who knows.

I love my job because I love people, the ability to connect in a human way, in an honest human way is amazing. The ability to be portable and honest and transparent is still needed on this planet right now with our species.

I do not think the United States of America is the greatest country on the planet, why should I? I’m in Canada right?

My biggest pet peeve is unconscious people, just somewhat shallow and simple individuals. That sounds terribly judgmental and it’s probably because I was that way at one point. But it’s just really hard to see people navigating this planet without touching any of the magic that’s right underneath the surface.

I don’t know if I know what the meaning of life is, I know what I hope it is, I hope that it’s an opportunity to learn, grow and change our spirits – but then again I could be grossly selling myself short and all of us in fact LOL. Who knows I’m just got a regular old human brain.

The one thing I would like to learn before I die is how to feel like I have enough, but everything is exactly the way it supposed to be, I guess that means that I would like to learn how to live a true peace of mind in the here and now without your name for anything else.

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