No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #37 – Amora C Griñán – I am Pure Energy! Here to Elevate the Vibration of the Planet.

I am Amora. I live in Studio City, CA and I have many gifts of healing, balance, and alignment that I share with others through Spiritual counseling, Cellular Cleansing, Energy healing, Meditation, Life coaching, Crystal Jewelry, Talismans & more. I am an old soul but just made 33 years last month. My profession is a mixture of who I am and however I may serve to elevate the vibration of the planet and those seeking more out of the life they live.


Etsy: @morewithamora

Stay tuned for videos. I am working on video content to be released at the end of November.


I am launching a series of DIY Cleansing & Meditation subscription kits that will simplify and offer a system to keep even the busiest of individuals connected to Source, releasing old energy and attracting positive vibes daily! There are price points and systems for everyone! Ranging from a 7-Day Chakra Clearing Starter Kit to a full 30-Day Full Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation including herbs & meals. Join my email updates at

I am passionate about movement. Energy movement, cellular movement, travel, movement with a cause close to my heart, exercise, dance… Pretty much anything that causes the heat to go up for the purpose of evolution & getter better daily.

I was born in Connecticut but wasn’t there but a few hours after birth. Rushed to a hospital in New York for breathing treatments, then my parents and I moved back to their home, South Florida. Within 6 months, I was born and had already lived in three states… This was just a glimpse of the movement that was to become my normal. How I got here is a mixture of heartbreak, miracles, misery, magic, Divine intervention and growth. Wana hear the details? Pour yourself a drink. You ready? Lol


The only thing people need to know is that I Am Amora. However, that works for each person is perfect. I am not for everyone, but for anyone who likes how I roll and is in need of balance, better health, higher vibes or just some dope jewelry… I am available to work with you to achieve it all and MORE.

I am really proud of my nails and how strong they are. It may seem simple, but the fact that I have been able to strengthen my nails through the nutritional clearing work I do is SO cool!

Now check out her inspiring answers to the bonus questions!

Have you ever seen anyone perform a miracle?

I make it a point to seek evidence of miracles happening every day. When I set an intention to see the miracles in my own life, I can guarantee that the day will be eventful and that something will happen that leaves me in shock and awe because there is no way to describe what happened other than… It’s a miracle! “Miracle Mornings” is also a service I offer for anyone looking to attract more miraculous healing and experiences of their own.


Do you think you thinks it’s possible to have your dream job?

YES! Anyone can have their dream job! The problem is most people don’t really know what their dream job looks like so they fail to make it a reality. There’s also a lot of risk and faith involved that many people either can not or will not commit to at any particular time. I am grateful to have found the model of network marketing to help fund my dreams of jewelry design, healing, and balance by creating regular and residual cash flow by sharing the foods & cleansing practices I use personally. Now, I have my dream job of helping others find their passion and spark of life.


If you could cure any disease, what would it be?

I would cure the disease of aging & shortening Telomeres. Long scientific study short, studies suggests the effects of aging as well as all other diseases known to man can be linked to the deterioration of our DNA’s Telomeres. Right now, there are simple actions we can take daily to help support and strengthen our DNA’s Telomeres; techniques I both teach and coach clients through More With Amora.

One person living or dead you would love to hang out with for a day? What would you do?

Harriet Tubman hands down. We would go to a beautiful forest, sit in nature and I would listen to all her stories and ask her questions about the situations she worked through with so many different mindsets, limitations, challenges and individuals to create such a dynamic legacy of service to others.

What is one meal or food you could eat every day and not get tired of?

Hummus & Celery. It is my all times favorite food at the moment. Add a cranberry or two and it turns to the most delicious crunchy, savory, sweet HEATH snack ever!!!

Do you think cancer will be cured in your lifetime?

What do to mean? There is a cure for cancer. Most people just refuse to believe it because the FDA says they haven’t found one yet.

Can you look in the mirror and say you love yourself?

Yes. This is a beginning step to true transformation. Even if it’s difficult, I encourage everyone to do this as a practice. Even if it makes you sick to say, your words are powerful and will begin to rewire the framework of the brain. I am Love ❤

If you could be any person for one day, who would it be?

I would be Little Amora for a day. I don’t think I appreciated the joy I was afforded back then the way I’d love to enjoy it now.

A breakfast you could eat every day?

My Dutch Chocolate Superfood Protein Smoothie. It’s the most delicious, 26g of whey or pea/cranberry protein, 8 digestive enzymes, 23 trace minerals/vitamins. I’ve had one EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 2.5 years and don’t see any signs of slowing down. They help me set the tone for my day and help me reach all the nutrients needs of the day. One of the tools I use to effortlessly keep off the 67lbs of toxic fat I released! Now accepting new team members for anyone needing a health, wellness & energy boost!


What one word would people use to describe you?

It used to be “CRAZY” but now I think the word would be “ENERGY”… but for the use reason. I’ve learned to harness, focus and work with my crazy to create magic… and it’s all energy 😉


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