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Liv Wheeler is a Shamanic Practitioner, focused mainly in the shamanic practices of the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa. For eight years, she studied and apprenticed with Malidoma Some, Ph.D. (Dagara Elder, Shaman, Author). Through her experience with the Dagara diviners as well as immersing in Burkina culture, she was recognized consistently as a ‘Kontomble’ person. Kontomble, being a Dagara name for the ‘little people’. She’s undergone various initiations that enabled her to speak in the ‘Kontomble’ tongue. Meaning, she channels their language, which is primordial and transformative.


Liv has maintained a shamanic practice for over a decade, consulting with the Spiritual realms to bring guidance to clients all over the world. Her passion is in guiding others in remembering their life’s purpose and encouraging them to step fully into it. She teaches workshops and facilitates rituals to help connect people with their Ancestors, Kontomble, as well as other elemental forces. In April, Liv toured across the United States with Chelsea Wind for ‘Folk Medicine Revival’, an evening of conversation and ceremony created to heal the chasm that has occurred between the humans and ‘little people’. Her life is very much devoted to healing this chasm.


Do you have a plaguing secret that you would like to air out to the world?

Not really. When you mention ‘airing out to the world’, it has me contemplating vulnerability and the importance of that. I’m a big believer in vulnerability, transparency. That might be why I don’t feel a big need to air something out. I feel like I sit in that space in community and with people regularly, the space of airing things out.

Do you have any addictions or obsessions?

Yes, definitely! Actually, maybe this is something I need to air out to the world! (giggling) I’m addicted to the reality show, ‘Survivor’. I kind of like sharing that with people because I notice that spiritual people can be put in boxes by others. I find that people I meet have imaginings of what my life is like, that perhaps I only meditate, do yoga, connect with Spirit, etc. Truth be told, if there was a new Survivor series that I hadn’t watched yet, I’d be watching it now! lol. Probably after meditating, yoga and connecting with Spirit. This is basically another way to say, I’m absolutely human. Complete with obsessions and addictions! Yes, definitely. 😉

What makes you cry?

So many things cause me to cry. I cry sometimes when I witness the beauty of another person’s heart in action. Acts of generosity. I cry when I work with Ancestors. I cry when I feel how sad the Ancestors are about being forgotten. I cry when I feel deeply into what’s happening to the earth, including by my own actions. I cry often when I feel the various expressions of the depth of love.

What do you think is the meaning of life?

I believe with all my heart that we’ve come to this earth to be helpful in some way. I believe that’s what we’re here to do. To be helpful in all the various ways we can. Each person’s purpose, so unique. I believe that’s where purpose and meaning come in. I feel when we’re doing what we’re here to do, we experience that sense of satisfaction. To me, that’s a life well lived.

Are you afraid of dying?

Sometimes. However, what I’ve noticed about myself is that the periods of time when I’ve somewhat stepped away from my path/my purpose, that’s when I noticed I was fearing death more frequently. I observed a connection. On the positive side, since I’ve been really deeply engaged in my path/my purpose, I feel generally more courageous. I feel like I think about death but not necessarily fear it. Thinking about death has me more deeply engaged with life. It’s an interesting paradox, I’ve noticed. I suppose what I mean to say is that I don’t take life for granted. I feel that it’s a precious gift.

Have you ever had a near death experience?

Yes, I’ve had a couple. They’re rather humbling. I would also call them initiations. The most pronounced were when I came home with malaria after traveling to Burkina Faso for a month. I didn’t realize until after being home (San Francisco at the time) a couple weeks that it was likely malaria. I was in denial. By the time my friend took me to the hospital I was having a hard time walking and my vision was blurring. I was really very sick. I actually was dying. I knew that internally. I asked my friend to call my mom to let her know. I felt the other side so close to me. I knew I was looking at death. I found out after being tested that I had probably one day left to live. The malaria was really progressed in my system. Interestingly enough, through the process, spiritually I seemed to be coming back to life. It’s interesting all the ways we think we’re alive when we’re really not. At least these are my personal experiences. It took a while to heal. It was very humbling. Spirit initiated me through that process.

If this was your last day on earth, what would you do?

I’d probably be doing what I do any other day. I feel grateful to say that. Essentially what I’m saying is that I do what I love, what I’m here to do. I walk my path. Because of that, I would be absolutely content to do just the same for my last day on earth. Although, I’m sure I’d also love to be with family and friends. I would really miss being with them physically on earth!

What is something you enjoy doing that some people might think is weird?

Ummm…. I talk to little people! (giggling) I connect with the ‘so called’ invisible world. I speak in the primordial tongue of the Kontomble. Yeah, I could make a pretty long list here! lol Interestingly enough though, weird, the definition of weird: suggesting something supernatural. I find weird very cool! It certainly makes life a lot more interesting. I imagine to many people my life could be considered weird. However, I’d receive that more deeply as an expression of my engagement with the supernatural. Weird is beautiful as far as I’m concerned! 😉

What is the biggest challenge you face in working with the ‘little people’ the Kontomble?

What is extremely challenging for me in working with the Kontomble in the modern world, so to speak, is the mainstream culture’s lack of understanding about the ‘little people’. We don’t have a cultural context. When I travel to other countries, there’s not a question about whether these beings are real. Everyone knows they’re real. There’s a place for them in the culture. Modern culture has tried to eradicate these magical beings. Cast them into the land of the make-believe, aka the ‘fairy tale’. So I have this ongoing experience of communing with these sacred ancient beings and trying to find ways to introduce them to the modern human without shocking the modern day human’s system. Also, hoping that that modern human is showing up with the kind of respect that these ancient beings deserve. Honestly, it’s a tough role, in ways.

What is the greatest joy in working with the ‘little people’ the Kontomble?

I find so much joy in sitting with people and communities, connecting with the Kontomble. Experiencing people’s breakthroughs, experiencing people’s excitement about being seen at the soul level. Seeing people at the soul level because I’m viewing them from the eyes of the Kontomble. Witnessing people remember, remember who they are, remember where they truly come from. I love being a part of the healing and transformation that can come from the connection with Kontomble. It’s a constant connection with a source of ancient love, that is a constant flow.


What do you personally learn from working with the Kontomble?

I learn so much from working with the Kontomble. However, where I feel like I’m learning a lot from them lately is regarding the earth. Sometimes I say that I feel a Kontomble person is often times an environmentalist. That’s because they care so much about the earth. They’re guardians of nature, protectors of the sacred, the earth. So their focus with me lately and the people that I’m closely working with is the voices of the earth, so to speak. I’ve collaborated frequently with an incredible woman named Chelsea Wind. We’ve been recently guided by Spirit in preparation for a journey to Iceland to focus on the glaciers. Without going into the details and the Spirits that were speaking, it became very evident they were wanting us to focus there. We’ve planned a ritual retreat in Iceland around the Summer solstice and the glaciers are now becoming a central focus. And once I zoom out, so to speak, of course glaciers would rightly be a central focus at this time on earth.


Do you feel encouraged by what you see happening with people working for the earth?

I try and focus places where I see real love being poured into the earth. That’s where i find inspiration. Do you know this organization, The Earth Guardians? According to their website, “We are a tribe of young activists, artists and musicians from across the globe stepping up as leaders and co-creating the future we know is possible. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

I find this youth led movement wildly inspiring! I also find it interesting, in my experience, that connecting deeply with Spirit has meant connecting deeply with the earth. Often times I find that people have an impression of those that connect with Spirit as being, “airy fairy”, so to speak. Or spacey. In my practice and connection with Spirit, I feel much more connected to the earth, actually more embodied.

Do you have a message that you’d like to send out to our readers? Something you feel is important for them to hear.

The other day I was receiving a message from Spirit about being brave, about the need for humans to be brave, now more than ever actually. They were speaking about bravery proportional to the kind of life force we have flowing through us, how alive we are basically. I find that it’s much easier to be brave when we have encouragement. So please, encourage each other to be brave. We can do this together.

Are there any projects or upcoming events that you want to share with our readers?

A project that I’ve created that I’m really inspired about is called “I talk to spirit too”. I created this because I met so many people in my travels who connect with Spirit but are afraid to talk about it. They’re afraid to share it with even their closest friends for fear of being labeled ‘crazy’. Once I heard so many of these stories, I noticed, there’s no way this could be simply coincidence. I felt I was tapping into a strong pulse that lives just beneath the surface of the skin of this country. I found myself deeply inspired to encourage others out of the spiritual closet, so to speak. “I talk to spirit too” is people creating videos to share their experience with Spirit. Each story/each video helps to inspire or unlock the cage of another. That’s what I believe.

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