No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #17 Toni Le Busque – Amazing Artist and Poo Aficionado

Toni and her Parents
Toni and her Parents

I love Facebook because of all the serendipitous meetings it facilitates. Toni Le Busque somehow ended up on my friend’s list, either I friended her or she friended me, I am not too sure, but none of that really matters. After getting updates from her through my timeline, I was amazed by her stunning artwork.The images were so fun and inviting, vibrant and sometimes lewd, packed with intricate detail. She does all of her drawings by hand. You can check out her funny and provocative work on her website here.

Chill Bitch

Not only is Toni one helluva an artist, but she is quite funny. You will definitely enjoy her answers to the wildcard questions. But first, a little about Toni Le Busque.

Toni shared, “I was born in Australia. I got to where I am by running away from, or after, many different things, including peace of mind. I left Australia when I was 29 and never went back to live. I have lived in Italy, Greece, the UK and now the US.” Currently, she practices her art from Studio City, CA. She would like to promote her tattooing work and drawings and mentioned she recently participated at the Brentwood Art Festival.

Toni added, “I’m passionate about brewing kombucha, it’s more like an obsession really. After a lot of bad brews and hours of study, I’m finally producing a good brew.” The one thing she said she is most proud of was, “I did a drawing about my parents while my mother was dying of cancer.
I was very pleased with the finished piece and the art gallery in the town I grew up in bought it for their collection.”

When asked why people should know about her, she replied, “I’m not sure how to answer this question.
I’m really unsure of what to divulge.I wonder if I can leave this by saying if anyone wants to know anything about me they could contact me and I will answer any questions.”

I thoroughly enjoyed all of Toni’s interview, but the icing on the cake came when she shared the following short stories that she felt were a good representation of her life. “I went to visit a woman (now my ex-wife) in Hawaii. Whilst there I went to the toilet to do a poo and the toilet blocked. I flushed it several times but the poo wouldn’t go down.The water got higher. I didn’t want the woman to know, so I unravelled a coat hanger and tried to break the poo up. Then I tried a plunger. I began laughing to myself. Then I told the woman and for a few days, we used a neighbour’s toilet.”

And if that story wasn’t crappy enough, she continued with this one, “I was jet-lagged and waking at unusual hours and one night, at 3am, I had intestinal cramps. The night was very dark and the neighbours too far so I decided to poo in a jungle lot next door. I went outside with some pieces of toilet paper. The lot next door was too dense with trees, so I pulled down my pants to poo on the grass in the front of the house, just off the road, light from my iPhone to help me see.As I turned to wipe my bottom, I dropped the toilet paper in the large mound of diarrhea. The toilet paper was ruined so I used leaves. Then threw I them in the lot. Embarrassed by diarrhea, and worried someone would walk their dog in the morning and see it, I boiled the kettle and poured the water on the mound. I used three kettles of water before it dissolved in the grass.
Then I went back to bed. In the morning, I told the woman and she laughed. A few months later we got married.”


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Vaina soup

One person living or dead you would love to hang out with for a day? What would you do?

I would like to hang out with Nye Bevan, he’s dead now, but he was the UK politician that was responsible for setting up the NHS, the National Health Service.
I would like to hear him talk about his early life as a coal miner.
I would like to take a tour of hospitals with him, and have lunch and then go to parliament and hear him talk passionately about medicine for all, not just the rich. I recently got a tattoo of him on my upper arm. The Tories in the UK are destroying the NHS because they are entitled, privileged arseholes who punish the poor for being poor, the disable for being disabled.

What is your favorite City?

Tough decision to make, so I’m going to say I have 2.
Savannah, Georgia, and Venice.
Savannah for its oaks dripping with Spanish moss, the humidity, the European architecture.
I’ve been there twice and sat in Monterey square and drawn with my pastels.
I was in Florida on holiday from the UK and I read the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, so my ex-wife and I drove down there, went to the Mercer/Williams house and had breakfast at Clary’s.
Venice because there are no cars, and I love cities on water, on canals, on rivers.
I grew up in a river town.
Venice has all those tiny streets and away from the main part of the city with sweet little houses and on the canals are parked boats.
I like the little shops where you can buy little glass trinkets blown in Murano.
It’s serene, which is why it’s called La Serena.

What is your favorite physical feature on your own body?

My hands. I get to look at them a lot while I am drawing. I went through a period of drawing them, they appear in quite a few of my drawings. I see myself as I age in my via my hands.
Veins stand out on the back of my hands and they are rather boney.
They were once smooth and the skin was paler but now they are a bit spotty and more wrinkled.
I see my mother’s hands in my hands.
I am obsessive about keeping them moisturised.
Dry hands drive me bonkers!
I work in a cafe and my hands get wet often, I hide moisturiser in the kitchen but someone throws it out.

Give money to the beggar on the street or tell them to “Get a job!” Which one are you?

A couple of years ago, when I was living in San Diego, I passed a thin blonde woman sitting on the footpath outside a CVS.
She was sat there wearing a skirt and cardigan looking like she was on a break from an office job.
Her handbag was on the ground at her side.
She has a cardboard sign that read- ‘Dog dead, boyfriend gone’
I went inside and bought her a turkey sandwich and an orange juice.
When I gave it to her she smiled and said thank you and I saw she had no teeth.

What makes you laugh?

English comedy, particularly Absolutely Fabulous, a show called Nighty Night with Julia Davis.
I like Amy Schumer a lot.
I like women comedians.
Lewis Black makes me laugh.
Flying High, which I think you call Airplane here, that makes me laugh a lot and I have seen it so many times.
And the film Bad Grandpa.
A show called Summer Heights High by an Australian comedian.
Those cat videos on Facebook where they try to jump on things and miss.
Videos in which people fall over things.
I love
That makes me laugh a lot.
Babies laughing make me laugh.
I like black, black humour.

If you were the opposite gender for a day what would you do?

I would have sexual relations with as many women as possible.
I know that sounds disgusting, but it’s true.
I’d quite like to know what it feels like to put a penis in a vagina.
I imagine it’s a fairly lovely feeling, as it seems men like to do it a lot.

What was your earliest memory?

18 months old.
I remember the decorative frying pan clock my aunt and uncle had on the wall of their kitchen.
They lived off a lane way, behind a used car lot.
I remember the laneway and passing the cars as we drove down the laneway.
I remember the kitchen clearly, to this day.
When I told my aunt about this memory she told me I was 18 months old when she and my uncle had lived in this house.

Do you secretly fart in public and hope no one notices?

My goodness, yes!
I fart all over the place-supermarket lines, work, in a Lyft, AA meetings, in bed a lot.
I fart while I walk.
Since I’ve become vegan I fart a lot more, I fart if I wake up in the night for a wee, I fart first thing in the morning, but I’d say 7 times out of ten they are quiet and don’t have too bad an odour.
I measure the depth of my friendships by whether I have farted in front of someone.
I find farts hugely amusing and laugh a lot at my own.
Hypocritically, I am disgusted by the farts of others.
I’m also obsessed with my bowel movements and will describe them in detail to my girlfriend.

Do you enjoy hugs?

Oh, yes!
I like full on squeeze hugs, not namby-pamby hands on the shoulders, cheek-kissing semi-hugs.
I have a friend called Amy Waters who gives the best hugs.
We named a hug after her.
If I like someone I am going to give them a proper hug, a long one.
If I don’t like someone, I’ll give them a nod.

Do you think the United States is the greatest country on this earth? Why or why not?

No. No country that allows so many people to go without a home, that has such high rates of child poverty, that allows policeman to kill so many young black men, that invades so many countries, that has medicine as a business rather than a right, that brags about freedom and liberty while it has the highest incarceration rates in the world, that has foolish drug laws that perpetuate an un-winnable drug war, that allows corporations to control the government, that tries to control through legislation women’s right to do what they like with their bodies and that promotes dissent and revolution in countries where it suits them to have a friendlier government, while arresting protesters on its own soil can be called great, let alone the greatest.

Give me Iceland any day!

(I have to add that the people are generally lovely and welcoming and there are many things I do love about the US)

If this was your last day on earth, what would you do?

Take loads of drugs.
I’d steal a Porsche and go out into the desert and get drunk and take a lot of cocaine and ecstasy.
I’d like it to be the desert where the cactus is like those in the Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons.
I’d wear cowboy boots, cowboys hat, a pair of denim shorts and nothing else, and I’d shoot a gun into the air, or at tin cans.
I would eat many many lobsters and drink champagne.
I would be complete debauched in as many ways possible.
I would not go gentle into that good night.

What is your most prized material possession?

A set of wood-backed rubber stamps (letters) from the 40’s that my ex-wife bought me from a charity shop.
I use them in almost every drawing I do.
I’ve even made my own font out of them.
When people would ask me if they could borrow them I would say only on the condition that they are returned in alphabetical order.
That way I can make sure all the letters are there.
I panic if they’re out of order because I think I might have lost one.
The A is deteriorating now, so I have to use the V upside down.

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