Inspirational Vegan Kids: Rilee-Paige Leaming (age 7) -It Isn’t Fair Animals are Treated Different Than Us.

How long have you been vegan?

Around 4 years. Instagram: @rescuerilee

What made you go vegan? If your parents, did they educated you? Give you options? If something else, tell us.

I watched a documentary called Cowspiracy with my brother and parents, and then learned about how the animals were treated and I decided that I needed to go vegan.

Why is being vegan important to you?

Because animals should be treated the same way we should and it isn’t fair that they’re treated differently than us.

Do you have a vegan role model?

My family and brother, they all inspire me a lot!

How do you educate yourself about veganism and animal rights?

I watched bite sized vegan videos on YouTube, I ask a lot of questions, I listen to outreach and watch documentaries.

What is your favorite animal?

My favorites are all baby animals and horses.

Do you take part in any activism?

A lot. Including disruptions, marches, vigils, street activism, cubes of truth, speeches, speak outside, I sing animal liberation songs and make videos.

What is your favorite vegan food?

Vegan corn chowder that my mom makes.

What is your favorite vegan restaurant?

Ethos Vegan Kitchen or market on south in Orlando Florida

What types of peer pressure do you feel at school for being vegan?

There are like 8 kids in my class that will try to get me to eat non vegan things and I always tell them NO, I’m not eating animals because I care about them.

Why type of advocating do you do at school. 

I tell my friends about the industries and why I don’t eat that. I talk to my teachers too. One of my old teachers is vegan now!

Are a lot of kids curious about veganism?

Yes, there are a few!

What is the toughest thing about being a vegan?

Kids who don’t understand trying to get me to eat non vegan things.

What has been your best vegan moment so far? 

Probably rescuing a bunny straight from the slaughterhouse, he lives with us now and his name is Liberty.

Do you believe children are the key to creating a vegan world? How can we make this happen?

Kids can change the world because kids are the next generation and we can so this by doing a lot of activism to get people to be vegan.

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