Inspirational Vegan Kids: Atticus (Age 8) – I Want to Grow Up to Be an Activist. Wait. I Already Am One!

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How long have you been vegan?

I was born vegan.

What is your favorite animal?

I like all animals. They all have personalities.

Do you participate in any type of animal rights activism?

I do Cubes of Truth, pig vigils (with the L.A. Animal Save group), protests, and I talk to my classmates about how we don’t need to use animals for eating or clothing or in zoos.

Do you volunteer at a sanctuary or other non-profit?

I have volunteered at Kindred Spirits Care Farm, and I like to visit sanctuaries such as Love Always and Farm Sanctuary.

Do you know of other vegan children in your school?

No, I do not. But I have friends who are vegan in other places.

Why is being vegan important to you?

Because it helps the animals and our bodies. It also helps our world.

What are some ways you talk to other kids about veganism?

I tell them that it’s not ok to eat animals and that they don’t need animals for their bodies. I also plan to start a club at school to serve vegan food and help people go vegan.

What is your favorite vegan meal?

I like the Daiya Mac and Cheeze. I also like rolled vegan ice cream.

What’s your favorite vegan restaurant?

Oooooh. That’s hard. Lotus Vegan.

Do you have a vegan hero or role model?

Genesis is a role model because she’s a kid and she talks to other people about veganism.

What is the toughest thing about being a vegan kid?

Finding different foods at school. But we now have vegan pizza for hot lunch! And finding friends that are vegan.

Do you think a vegan world is possible in your lifetime? How can we make this happen?

Yes. By doing activism.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An activist. Wait, I already am an activist. And also a firefighter.

What are your hobbies?

Playing music and sports.

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