Inspirational Souls LIVE Episode #6 – Reggie Goco – Upcoming Author and Motivational Speaker

Reggie Goco is an up and coming Author and Speaker from Manila, Philippines. He migrated to the United States right after college and has lived in Los Angeles for the past 20 years. He is half Filipino and half Japanese and comes from a broken family where he is the youngest of 4 siblings. He started supporting his mom and brothers at the age of 19 and has always had a life that endured some toughest blows (that most can’t imagine). But as Reggie says, he has come out of it “Up top and EXCITED for more!” and has since dedicated his life towards serving others in need.

Reggie recently signed with a Publisher to release his upcoming book entitled “Light It Up!” where he shares the lessons learned during his Journey and the secrets to what he believes, will “Light People Up!” regardless of any tragedy, situation or dilemma they’re in. Reggie also has been managing a non-profit organization that focuses on transitioning the homeless off of the streets of Los Angeles called Standing On Stone (SOS) for the past 7 years.

Reggie’s passion is in helping people maximize their Full Potential by helping them discover their BEST OPTIMAL selves. He does this through writing, mentoring and public speaking engagements.

You can catch this Inspirational Soul online here:

FB Page: The Official Reggie Goco Page
Instagram: @reggiegoco
Youtube: Reggie Goco

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