Inspirational Souls LIVE Ep. #8 – Inspirational Artist – Skye Amber Sweet

Born in Oregon, raised in Hawaii, Skye Amber Sweet is a self-taught artist, activist, blogger, and art coach. Working in canvas and on large-scale murals, Sweet is also dedicated to helping other artists, and providing her two children and her community with a legacy of love, peace, hope, and art, as well as the desire to, as she puts it, “change the world” in a positive way. She once wanted to be a chef, but instead, she creates dazzling confections in art.

Her lush, raw, evocative style expresses the emotion that fills her artistry, as she transcribes her feelings from her heart to her brush and on to canvas or wall. Some works are figurative and some abstract; her color palette ranges from dark to intensely vibrant.

Working from her studio in Silver Lake, Sweet also raises funds for donated community projects such as a recent mural in the city of Hawthorne, assists with art rentals, and artist mentoring. And, Sweet also works on, an entity she founded in 2007 to help share her art and to assist other artists. Her sister website provides a platform for her to write about artists that she supports and exhibits, showcasing two featured artists or authors monthly with a focus on the link between psyche and creation.

After a break of three years, Sweet has also resumed another role in the art world, that of curation. Her first project is an upcoming Dias de Las Muertes exhibition at the San Juan Capistrano Library gallery in San Juan Capistrano which opens on November 4th.

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