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Kindred Spirits Care Farm is a non-profit helping the children reconnect with animals, the earth and each other by providing the space, a care farm, where that can happen. Our first project is a high school for at-risk kids in Los Angeles where we helped transform an acre of land into a thriving little farm with alpacas, goats, pigs and chickens as well as ¼ acre in organic gardens. We teach the kids how to grow organic veggies for themselves and their families, and there is enough left over to sell at the local farmers market. Over 1,000 people toured this little farm in 2016 and we hope to get even more in 2017.

Volunteer statements
This is the place to be! Awesome for the animals, great for the students that spend a lot of their time in the garden or working with the animals! We need more places like this! Jerneja Caserta – volunteer

Testimonials from a couple of students at the school

Before I came to this school, I didn’t like working with other people, but the garden taught me how to be part of a team. Whenever I feel depressed, moody or mad I just go to the garden and work with the plants – it helps me relax. It gives me inspiration just to see the plants grow. It’s amazing how a little piece of land has become our farm and our garden and how it has changed my life.
~ Yesenia F.

Working on the farm every day has changed my views on animals and eating healthy. The farm is my second home, and I have a strong pride for all the hard work I put into the farm. When I feel down, I go out there and look at the farm and it makes me feel better. The farm has taught me how important treating our animals and our environment is. I learned about compost and how to grow fruits and vegetables.
~ Juaquin M

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