Inspirational Organization – Courts for Kids – Transforming Lives Through Building Courts and Cultural Exchange.


Courts Built: 113
U.S. Participants: 2179
Partner Countries: 24

Authentic Relationships – Through building courts and cultural exchange, we provide opportunities for meaningful relationships.
Genuine Partnerships – Our community-driven work is empowering as we collaborate with aligned partners.
Transformational Experience– We provide opportunities that expand worldview, foster cross-cultural understanding, and inspire servant leadership.
Exceptional Character – We complete our goals with hard work, integrity, and humility.

Welcome to Courts for Kids! We are confident that our trips will impact you in ways you cannot even imagine. We work closely with our in-country partners to make sure your basic needs are met, so we can all focus on the task at hand, creating a multi-purpose sports court with the initiative, help, and support of the community.

A sports court is a great project because it requires the help of many community members, provides plenty of work for everyone, and becomes an asset that provides not only safe places for children to play but also various other benefits. The hard work of our team will be a great bridge between us and the community and we will develop a mutual respect that will help provide inroads into a rich cross-cultural experience and first-hand insight into a developing world community.

We are looking for great cultural ambassadors. Please, check out this exciting upcoming trip to the Isle of Dominica in July. Learn more about this trip or apply to join by clicking here:

Please only sign up for this trip if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone. You will need to work hard, you will be eating different foods, sleeping and bathing in less comfortable environments. Most importantly, we ask that you enter into this with a great sense of humility

Featured Communities

Every court we help build is a true partnership with a local community, the community is the primary driving force behind the initiation of court building project. Courts for Kids comes beside the community and works with them to make that dream a reality.

It is difficult to meet the needs of every community and that’s where we need your help! The communities below are just a few of the many that are waiting for a group to adopt their project and help to build the court. If you are interested in supporting one of these community projects please contact for more information on how you can help. For more featured Communities, click here.

Corporate Volunteer Trips

Courts for Kids leads groups of volunteers on week-long service trips to international destinations. On these trips, volunteers live and work alongside local community members to build a multi-sport athletic court. These trips provide incredible team building and leadership development opportunities for employees as they work together on a common goal.

Tax Deductible! Courts for Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and 100% of your trip costs are tax deductible! Customize YourTrip! Trips are tailored to suit employees’ needs, desired destination, and schedule.


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