Inspirational Moments: Creed Piel – Founder Summit for Vets – “Put others first. Try it and you’ll see an amazing transition with the world around you.

This Inspirational Moment brought to you by Creed Piel. Currently, I’m living in North Carolina but soon I will be traveling the US, helping veterans summit mountains, go on hikes, camp out, and learn outdoor skills.

What has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to go through in your life?

Most difficult time? Life is difficult, it’s tough. It can beat you down when you let it. So, with that, I would have to say it’s not a particular time or thing, it’s a combination of everything. Learning from mistakes, and improving one’s self on a daily basis. Not letting the past define me has probably been the most difficult thing.

What did you learn from it that you could pass on to someone else?

You control your future, you have the ability to do anything. I mean anything.

What has been the Happiest Moment of your life?

When I was told after they removed my tumors that I was cancer free and they got all of it during the surgery.

What is your Passion?

My passion is definitely helping others realize their dreams, break down walls, open doors for others so they can see how amazing this world is. To some, this world is dark, ugly and vulgar. I have seen that side of the world and have realized that the best way to fight against those demons is to not let them hold you down, and never let someone else put out your fire, your passion is yours.

What inspires you?

Fresh air in my lungs, the sounds of water cascading down a waterfall, the rustle of the leaves, the feeling of cold rock against my hands, tying a knot right before a climb, reaching the summit, enjoying a view from the top of a mountain, grabbing the hand of someone that needs it, helping others see the beauty of something they didn’t know existed until the second they see it.

What is your favorite Inspirational Quote?

How do you try to inspire others?

By helping them see how awesome they really are. It’s a beautiful sight when that just clicks. Freaking awesome.

What is one easy thing you can do to change the world for good in the next 24 hours?

Pay it forward. Easy as that. Put others first. Try it and you’ll see an amazing transition with the world around you.

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This picture makes me feel HAPPY!

This picture makes me feel BEAUTIFUL!

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