Inspirational Moments: Cassie Jeans – I AM an Expert in Self-Worth

This Inspirational Moment brought to you by Cassie Jeans.

My name is Cassie Jeans and I am from Ontario Canada though I’ve left a part of my heart in every country I’ve visited.

What is your Passion?

My passion is tapping into the WHY of a person’s heartbeat and ignite their passion for life. I am expert in Self-Worth and this is where it all starts to unlock. I am on a mission to create a movement of Inspirational Leaders for our world, we shine brighter as a collective.

What inspires you?

Being alive! There is nothing more beautiful in life than appreciating the life that is given to us. No matter what, we are creators. What would you love to create? That is an inspiration in itself. People inspire me, our blessed Mother Nature, my love for Humanity. I am inspired by our existence here and in awe at the limitless that expands all around us daily. We are alive!!

Which person living or dead has inspired you the most?

Brene Brown and Tony Robbins. Brene told me I was enough and I claimed it. I believed it and know in my core that I am enough. Tony is in my every thought before it is even a thought. I love that man.

What is your favorite Inspirational Quote?

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”

― Cynthia Occelli

How do you try to inspire others?

By sharing my love for them on a daily basis. I become my higher self and in the process of becoming amazing, I allow others to believe in themselves. I share my story, it’s so simple but when we live in shame and guilt it can feel like the hardest thing to do. I’m telling you right now, your story matters, you matter. You are capable of far more than you could ever imagine. Release the fear, embrace the uncertainty and know always, the LOVE that wants to pour back into you will sustain you as you journey to your epicness. You are worth it.

When are you the happiest?

I choose to have a close relationship with happiness. In the past, I nurtured a relationship to anger…not anymore. Happiness, joy, peace, love, excitement…I can tap into that whenever I like. Now, if I had to pinpoint it I am my happiest when I can share my heart and mission with others especially when those people happen to be my children. Motherhood is the ultimate gift.

One non-profit you support?

Compassion Canada

Quick Tip: What is one easy thing you can do to change the world for good in the next 24 hours?

Practice gratitude. That is it. Gratitude is the simplest and most impactful way to change the world.

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