Inspirational Moment: Jennifer Saenz – Throw a Positvity Pebble in the Pond, Watch the Ripples it Creates.

This Inspirational Moment brought to you by Jennifer Saenz and I live in Lakewood, Ca.

What has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to go through in your life.

Going through a divorce was by far the most difficult thing I have had to endure. The raw emotion that I felt during that time of my life stripped away every confidence and defense I had. I learned that love was a gift that needed to be given and could never be taken or cultivated if another person doesn’t feel it or want it. I examined all of my values to see if they were really still the truth for me and really had to assess what kind of person I was, and what kind of person I wanted to be.

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What did you learn from it that you could pass on to someone else?

Love with your whole heart, treat each day as if it was your last, when you say good bye always tell your people you love them and give them hugs and kisses, let go of things that are not meant for you gracefully, dream big, be honest–like all the way honest– with yourself and others, and stay positive. The friends and family that you have are important. Value them and invest in them, and pay attention to what they need- not what you think they need. Things always have a way of working themselves out.

What has been the Happiest Moment of your life?

This one is easy, the births of my two kiddos. Best days ever!!!!! I never truly understood the importance of the circle of life until the day I became a mama and got to participate in the ancient and sacred honor of bringing another human into this beautiful world. The love, amazement, hope, and sense of reWithoutlity I felt was overwhelming but completely right. My two babies are the ties that keep me grounded and keep me pushing to be better. With out them, I have no idea what my purpose would be.

What is your Passion?

My passion is helping people get through tough times and become the best version of themselves (whatever that is to them). I like to think of myself as a bridge person. I can help people to get from where they are, to where they are going. I like to listen, encourage people to visualize and clarify their goals, and support them as they decide the path they want to take. Watching people transform and grow stronger and more confident gives me such pleasure. Being able to observe others journeys through this life is a privilege, the human spirit is an amazing thing.

What inspires you?

I like to read quotes, read the lyrics of songs, and spend time in the forest. Reading the words of others give me energy and insight. They help me to remember that there is not any situation that has not already been experienced by someone else. The words remind me I am not alone in whatever it is I am feeling or experiencing. Nature stills my soul and restores my spirit. Where I live is pretty suburban and there is a lot of cement and manicured green areas; while I can find solace there if I have to, it can be a struggle. I feel my self longing for the forest frequently.

What is your favorite Inspirational Quote?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Also there is a song that I really love to listen to : Ooh Child by the Five Stairsteps: It is just so positive and uplifting- I love it.

How do you try to inspire others? I try to be nice and in the moment.

I smile, say hi, hold open a door, listen and try to understand what people are saying and not saying, and let negativity slide off my back. I do not know the struggle others may be dealing with. I don’t want to make their load heavier or claim it as my own. If I can make someone else’ load lighter -even for a few moments, that is what I want to do. Positivity and love are the greatest forces I have ever felt, I want to share this energy. It is like throwing a pebble in pond, the continuous ripples created by one little action will be more far reaching than I will ever know. I have to believe this to be true, that good creates good, and light creates light.

One non-profit you support?

I make modest donations mostly. Project Shepherd, Toys for Tots, Planned Parenthood, and local and online fund raisers for those with specific needs and youth groups. As a registered nurse, I have always wanted to go on a medical mission. I would love to one day work with Doctors Without Borders or a similar organization.

What is one easy thing you can do to change the world for good in the next 24 hours?

Well… I don’t like to admit it, but I most likely will hit up a Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or fastfood drive through in the next 24 hours : / So I can do the pay it forward thing and pay for the order(s) of the person or the next two persons behind me. Since it is the holidays I can definitely donate some toys and gifts. Also I recently heard that the donation of feminine products; specifically tampons, pads, baby wipes, panties, and OTC pain relievers (for cramps) for homeless women is greatly needed and appreciated. I hope that is not to graphic but it is important to share. It is straight up Maslow, meet basic needs first then move past them.

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Provide makes me feel HAPPY!

My babies in the Yukon Mountains of Alaska. Being with them to experience the world is an amazing gift.

This picture makes me feel BEAUTIFUL!

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