Inspirational Interview: Ramkrishan Bishnoi – Nature has a Law. Humans Should Not Change this Law. Let’s Make Peace on Earth.

This Inspirational Interview brought to you by Ramkrishan Bishnoi of Sri Ganganagar(Rajasthan), India.

Work:- Environmental Activities
Sports:- Rajasthan State Handball player, 2012(Winner, first position)
College:- Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Govt. Pg collage, Sri Ganganagar(MAHARAJA GANGA SINGH UNIVERSITY, BIKANER) – Subjects:- English literature, geography, Economics(Art,)
Languages spoke:- Hindi, English, Rajasthani, Punjabi
Religious views:- Humanity
Nickname:- Vishnu Rj13
Current palace:- Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan.indiA
Helping animals,Literature Reading,travel,Curious for something new,Vegetarian,drawing,photography,love nature,gardening,blood group A+,

My name is Ramakrishna Bishnoi. I am from Bishnoi Panth. And my guru’s name is Sri Guru Jambhswar ji. He motivates me very much. I am from a small village in Sri Ganganagar district which is situated in the western Thar desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan. I am currently engaged in farming agriculture, I am doing my studies and working in the field of environmental studies.

Tell us about the work you do to help Animals?

First of all, I will credit my life to my parents and Guru, because by being inspired by them I have dedicated my life to save animals and the environment; planting more trees, protecting nature, saving water, not using plastic, etc. I have saved many animals drowning in the canal. For the first time when I was only 14 years old, I had to protect a baby buck by jumping into a canal. After that in our village when the trees were cut down it affected the parrots in large numbers. I treated them and treated them very well. On June 5, 2017, I organized the International Environment Day to make rural, district, state, country, people aware of the environment and animal rights. Students from 12 countries and children from India’s higher-level university participated in this program, in all about 1500 students.

During the program, we plant 100 trees which are currently in their mature state. We make awareness campaigns from time to time. Last year, all of our friends recycled 18 kg of plastic we gathered. We celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April. During this, we arranged water and grain for the birds in villages and cities. Whenever a deer gets deserted in the desert, we bring them to our houses and the lady of the village or the houses breastfeed the orphan. We name that little deer, which keeps us in love, belonging to all humans and animals. Currently, we are taking care of the deer in large numbers. To protect the animals, we have built a sanctuary at the village level for the injured animals; in which over 150 deer, Nilgai, peacocks, rabbits, chinkara, and a cow. Now we have in excess of 600 animals.

Do you have social media sites?

Yes. I have a social media account which is as follows, Voice of Animals.
I have a personalized social media account that is Ramkrishan Visnoi on Facebook. (

Why did you get into the work to help the animals?

I am a follower of Bishnoi Panth. I can provide some information about Bishnoi Panth. Different cultures of Rajasthan separates him from other parts of the country. There is such tradition in a Bishnoi society, which can hardly be seen anywhere else in the world. Human attachment to animal and nature is an example for the world. The women here give their milk to animals, like their children. Just like a mother. It is said that for more than 500 years in Rajasthan, the people of Bishnoi community have been keeping animals as their children. Not only women but men also in this society, keep children of unclaimed and orphaned deer in their homes as part of the family. In 1730 there were many sacrifices in the 16th century even before 363 Bishnoi sacrificed their lives to protect the trees. It is our duty to save animals. Because I believe that “our environment, is in our hands.

Naman Mother Nature … So far, we have only one planet to live with humans, animals, and trees. We have destroyed the forest, water, animals.

On the Internet, we can get lots of information from YouTube and Google. On YouTube, we can see how naturally occurring food has been destroyed for the aquatic organisms. As a result, fish populations have reduced in the sea. The atmosphere of the ocean has become polluted. Polyethylene, plastic bottles, have become their layer. And when petroleum oil is brought from the ship, many times it gets into the water. Atomic tests, the missiles end up in the sea. If there is no food, then man will kill all the animals to calm down hunger. When the animal is all gone, our mercy, love, compassion, peace, satisfaction and all die with them. Anyway, the age of the Earth is decreasing; animals, trees have great expectations from us.

In order to awaken people, we were told by Saint Jambheshwar Ji, Mahatma Buddha, Nanak Dev Ji, the great people of nature’s policy on their wings and deeds. IThese great men planted in the earth and protected trees. He long ago made us aware of environmental problems, climate change.

How does society view the type of work you are doing? Are animals respected?

People who eat meat often make fun of me but I do not care about it because I only care about all the animals present on our planet. All creatures deserve respect. All creatures have the right to live. Nature has made its law. Humans should not change this law. Yes, those people who respect animals, every piece of nature, they get a lot of support from them. The government of our country thinks of making a profit by killing animals, but we have been focusing our work for more than 500 years to protect nature. Our ancestors gave us the same message that you, “Help save the Helpless” and save the trees but most importantly regardless of what the society thinks.

Guru Jambheshwar said over 500 years ago, “If you respect the animals and nature, this assures us of distress and catastrophes. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The magnitude and moral progress of a nation can be measured by how they treat the animals!”

Nevertheless, we have the climate change today, we know about the carbon emissions and we know also that if we continue this way, this earth will not be habitable in a short time. We have become accustomed to exploiting and the earth.

Where you get your funds/support to run your animal care center?

Mostly we collect food, water, and money for animals from every house in the village to protect our animals. However, we have arranged for our Sanctuary that in the morning, the women of the village, children, old people take care of 1 animal. If a person wants to adopt the animal, then it provides funds for it. And many times the students of the city’s schools, university students come to see the wildlife, they look after the work done by us and donate their money to the will. On this special day, we organize the program, so many people help our organization. Our Guru Jambheshwar ji said 500 years ago that “every Bishnoi should also donate his some earnings to animals”.

What is the best thing about the work you do with the animals?

The first thing is that every masterpiece created by nature is priceless, it is beautiful. Animals and trees are all worthy of respect. I have spent my life with animals, so during this time, I have learned a thing: “Speak with love and all the animals on this planet are ready to be your friends. Actually, the animal needs food, water, but The most important thing is that they need us to give them love. Animals never see our status.

What is the toughest thing?

Without courage and boldness, everything is difficult for me. Even raising e a glass of water. If I say that there is nothing difficult, impossible in this world, then for me, looking for life on Mars, climbing Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, is like finding a planet in a space. It is only possible if I have courage, self-confidence, loyalty, sacrifice, sacrifice, love, passion, satisfaction, self-reliance, self-control, truth, all these things, we can work harder even harder.

And most importantly, Dr. Abdul Kalam said, “Do not Read Success Stories, You Will Only Get the Message, read failure stories, you will get some ideas on how to get success.”

What is the goal of your organization in the next 5 years?

We want to increase our scope so that more and more people are aware of the environment. Right now we hav planted hundreds of trees. Now it is rainy season in northern India, it is time for the monsoon, we will plant more fruit trees in the desert so that for the next 5 years, when the trees grow, we can develop a forest in the desert and establish a bird sanctuary. And in the fields of those trees, residential facilities will be available for wildlife. For this, we have to work day and night, we will also need workers from the country and abroad. Right now we have very little funds. When funds are high, then we will prepare a T-shirt, Films under the name of the institution. “Voice of Animals”

What do you want people to know about your organization?

First of all, I believe that it is the duty of every person to respect the Nature and protect the animals. Because in my sense every person is an institution in its own right. Yes, it is also important that we should increase our scope even as our duty increases. If a person loves animals, then at least 1 person in his life must be influenced by his thoughts. Bishnoi community living in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, and many time sacrifice for the protection of animals. All countries of the world should help Bishnoi society because the population of Bishnoi community is very low. People should join Bishnoisism. We should learn more about Bishnoi’s time and should learn more about it. Our organization “Voices of Animals” wishes to protect people’s lives, to plant more trees in their lives so that we can give the green land in the form of a gift to future generations. Our organization wants people to know the rights of animals. Wishes to make a better healthier life.

Is there any way people can help? Donate?

Yes, you can contact me personally Because no option has been approved on the Facebook page yet, it would be better to contact me personally. Your donation will work only to protect a precious life.

What do you want to do with your degree?

I am doing a degree in geography with which I am studying the subject of environmental studies. Actually, geography is a logical subject, so I try to tell children more about the mysteries related to the earth. In India, people consider stone to be God and worship idols, people killed an innocent animal in the name of God.

“Who has made the goat, the sheep, all the innocent animals? In the same way who made “the person” and “the cow”? Why are we killing them unnecessarily? All these animals, trees, human beings Are made of God (Allah).

Some people claim to go to heaven by taking a knife or weapon in their hands, killing all the animals, which is all false claims.

Cow goes into the pasture, in the jungle, and comes back and gives milk with ease. Its milk has the right to earn. Then why do unnecessarily destroy them?

I want to study geography and build a better planet for future generations.

What are your personal dreams outside of the work you do with animals?

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Wings of Fire: An Autobiography

I have a dream that I should become an environmental minister and make every effort to achieve more animal rights. I want to prepare a jungle in the desert for the wildlife to care for them. These animals understand my expressions and my feelings. It is easy to understand the feelings of animals. Actually, animals do not need grain, grass, fodder, because they are hungry for love, by all. Our love does not need words spoken by any padri (priest) Kaji, Brahmin, and any religious books but to understand our love, one needs compassion.

Our earth, our human life, does not require weapons or atom bombs. Nuclear power is a great power, but so is compassion. Kindness is like everyone Let’s Light Up I want to spend my life with these lovely friends And yes this is my true love. I want to prepare a jungle in a desert where the wildlife that I care to do live with them. I want this life to live with these animals again and again..these animals, understand my expressions, my feelings, my feelings, it is very difficult to understand Very easy to understand the feelings of animals … Actually, animals do not need grain, grass, fodder, because they are hungry for love, by all. … our love does not need words spoken by any padri (priest) Kaji, Brahmin, and any religious books but to understand our love, one needs compassion.

What do you like to do to relax?

I run 45 minutes then do yoga. Then I go to a locked room and meditate where there is nothing except white light and no sound. Peace is peace is peace. .Meditation: Increases energy and enthusiasm, compassion. It helps in staying in the present time or moment. Why are we going to know others, while we are still very incomplete? Why are we spending our time on unnecessary things? Why are we not meditating? Meditation is a great pleasure … It is very much above the worldly relationships Animals do extra burden from us, do more work because they take care, concentration, meditation.

What are your hobbies? You can share about your family if you would like?

My interests are something like this. Learn the language, Reading literature, writing diaries, writing poems, spending time with my family, watching football matches, photography, listening to songs, collecting foreign items such as importing foreign currency, playing harmonium instrument, painting, If I talk about my family, then God has given me a beautiful family in the form of a gift that lives with me in every trouble. My mother takes great care of me, my brother motivates me very much, my dad enhances my courage.

Who do you admire?

I am a fan of my mother who showed me this land. I had the opportunity to see the philosophy of the wonderful works of nature filled with so much color with white eyes.

What’s your favorite quote?

It does not matter whether we are rich or poor. The most important thing is how happy we are. Because happiness is a beautiful realization.

We all have the same breath. We all have pain. We all are born with kindness, mercy. We must live with love. We, humans, are more intelligent than animals, so we should increase our compassion. Let’s make peace on earth.

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