Inspirational Interview: Jared Goetz – To Grow, Continually Expose Yourself to New and Uncomfortable Situations

This Inspirational Spotlight brought to you by Jared Goetz, the founder and CEO of the eCom Hacks Academy, an Online Course and Consulting Firm based in West Palm Beach.

How did your childhood shape who you are now?

Growing up it was just my mother and me in a one bedroom apartment. She was always working very hard to support us, which was motivating. Even though she worked so hard, we still lived simply. I knew she deserved the best and I wanted to be able to provide for her and myself, and then some. Also, growing up in a middle-class neighborhood drilled certain beliefs into my conscious, which was basically to do well in school, go to college and get a well-paying job. I spent the early part of my adult life ridding myself of these standard beliefs and practices that lead people to somewhat cookie-cutter lives. I knew I wanted to be different, to do something that I could really excel in and break that normalcy mold that I so badly wanted to avoid.

What drove your passions?

As I mentioned, wanting to provide for my family and girlfriend was undoubtedly at the top of the list. Otherwise, I really just want to do fresh and exciting things with people that I enjoy being around.

What is your creative process to come up with Innovative Ideas?

I have ideas at all different times, but there are a few things that put me in the best position to be creative and innovative. First, I try and travel whenever I can. Nothing expands the mind and allows for innovation like taking yourself out of what’s normal and exposing yourself to different thoughts, places, and ways of living. Rural China was by far the most mind-opening experience for me. Second, I really try to get out of bed early in the morning and take some time for myself. I usually go to the gym and meditate all before 7 AM. This time is peaceful and allows me to think very clearly about the direction I need to take for the day or week.

What was it like to be a millionaire so young?

It’s been incredible. I’ve been so fortunate and am grateful for what I have a fantastic girlfriend, supportive and loving family and a vast network of friends and coworkers that want the best for me. Since I’ve started to generate more income, I’ve found that it allows me to grow my business, invest in new opportunities and also further enjoy the things I love. I’m always getting the latest gadgets, but besides that (and the Lamborghini) I really haven’t changed too much!

What advice can you give to young people about success and money?

Your mindset is everything. I always try to tell people that are looking for advice to figure out what they really want out of life. Once you realize what that is, go after it! People spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing. I’d prefer to start something and have it not be perfect than not start at all. There’s always adjustments and improvements that can be made along the way. Overall, just go for it!

How did having that much money at a young age make you feel?

Not too much different. All that money does is change what’s normal. I am an extremely motivated individual who’s always looking to grow. The fact that I made money just allowed me to earn the respect of people I am really aspiring to work with and give me additional freedom. I was grateful and excited, but I still know that my work is just getting started on my personal journey toward where I want to be.

Who are your mentors?

I’ve never had someone who I could consider a mentor yet, however it would be a dream come true to be able to hang out with Mark Cuban or Richard Branson for a day and get to be their friends. It’s tough to call someone a mentor because most people offering advice simply haven’t accomplished what I’m looking to accomplish. I’d love a mentor like Mark or Richard because I find it fascinating how they’ve systematized so many areas of their lives (hundreds of businesses, thousands of employees, family life, etc) and when I think my life is getting busy, thinking of them is extremely humbling.

What is the key to learning and continual growth?

Continuing to expose yourself to new situations that you’re uncomfortable with. To grow, you need to try new things. Once you do something a few times, it won’t feel so new anymore, and before you know it, you’re comfortable. I’m continually challenging myself and putting myself in new situations to grow and learn.

What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated by the thrill of mastering a concept that is very new and relatively unknown. When I first started selling things on Shopify, the platform was nowhere near as popular as it is today. Building something up and making it a success is hugely satisfying to me, I love the thrills of the journey and the challenges that come with it.

Why is the Internet so important?

The internet allows for scalability, that’s what makes it so incredible. I can sell something while I sleep, a concept that without the internet would not be possible. Having the whole world in the palm of your hand is an incredible opportunity, and I think we’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible as a society.

What are your predictions for the future of e-Commerce?

e-Commerce will continue to grow like crazy. It’s going to force brick and mortar to become more than a place to buy a product but develop into an experience for shoppers to keep people coming in. Online shopping will continue to flourish, while actual store locations won’t be as much for sales, but a showcase for brands.

How do you balance self-care with such a busy life?

I always put my health first. Without it, nothing else is possible. I make sure to go to the gym early in the morning, and I have a very healthy diet. I do yoga, meditate and enjoy a good massage. I really try my hardest to take some time for myself each day and work to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s critical for top performance!

What are some self-care tips?

I’ve eliminated a lot of material purchases like clothes and sneakers and try to still cook at home most nights so I can take that money and instead invest it into my health. Instead of buying another pair of sneakers that you really don’t need, bring yourself to a spa and relax for a couple of hours. I feel that the return on that money spent in your mindset will ultimately lead to better decisions and more money made.

How much of your success is talent and how much is hard work?

It’s hard work that has led to talent. Nobody is magically gifted with the ability to make money online. Sure, there’s a lot of intuition and emotion that goes into it, but in reality, it’s a learned skill that grows as you put work in.

What project are you currently working on?

We can’t say too much about the next project we are working on, but it will change the way e-commerce transactions occur, and will enable more people to sell more highly sought after products.

Can you see a future beyond the Internet? Any guesses?

The internet will become one with society. Eventually, you’ll have a hard time knowing what’s connected and what isn’t. I couldn’t imagine a world without it.

Anything you wish you could do that you haven’t done yet?

I’d love to get into politics and eventually run for president. I feel like I could make a difference for our country in a very positive way.

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