Inspirational Educator: MC Skule – He’s Got 99 Problems and He’s Solving Every One

Why did you choose to teach as a career?

I have always loved seeing people go from “there’s no way I could learn this” to “that makes so much sense!” By teaching, I can help motivated students reach those epiphanies. For unmotivated students, I can help motivate them by making educational music videos to get them pumped up. Here are my latest two math rap videos:

99 Math Problems (Jay-Z parody)

That’s What Math Likes (Bruno Mars Parody)

What would you like to see being taught in our classrooms?

I would like to see kids learning things that will be useful for them. Applications to the real world, as well as answering the question “why” in addition to the “what”. When kids see what they learn in school helping them outside of school, they will be more inclined to be lifelong learners as they grow older.

Share your proudest teacher moment.

I emphasize that you should never feel guilty for making a mistake, but rather you should always retain your confidence and use the mistake as a learning experience. My proudest moment was when I asked a question, and Student A responded incorrectly. Student B then answered correctly, but then followed up by stating why Student A’s response was “very close” and asked the class to give Student A a round of applause the very good attempt.

What do you think is a fair salary for Teachers?

Many teachers have graduate degrees and are giving up a high opportunity cost in other fields in order to teach. Additionally, many teachers spend hours after school and on weekends doing work; 60 hour weeks are not uncommon. The work is not just routine, it requires a lot of energy and creativity. Before teaching, I had a job as a CEO (of Far From Standard and DiagKNOWstics) and earned six figures. I think that teacher salaries should range from $60k to $100k per year, depending on performance. There should be clear guidelines on what teachers are expected to do, and what actions above and beyond would get them the six figure salary so those good teachers can be financially rewarded and retained in our field.

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