Inspirational Educator: Christina – I Teach Your Children with All My Heart

This Inspirational Educator Spotlight brought to you by Christina.

How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching for 2 years.

Why did you choose to teach as a career?

My mentor in college told me to go into teaching. I never thought about teaching myself and was a bit worried about how I would be as a teacher, but I can’t imagine being in any other field than education!

Many people question if our current education system is working. What do you think?

I actually just laughed out loud when I read that. NO. It is not working. It works for a select group of people and oppresses another group, and we are going to have to work very hard to reverse that cycle.

What would you like to see being taught in our classrooms?

I would like to see more honest history being taught in classrooms, as well as character education.

If you have been teaching less than five years, do you intend to stay in the profession?

This question applies to me! I will always be an educator. My experience thus fas has been frustrating in the sense that I see so many injustices daily that oppress the kids I teach, and I feel like I want to do more to help that. I can see myself going to grad school and doing research, but always remaining in education and focusing on what the kids I taught need.

Share your proudest teacher moment.

The poem ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou got me through my first year of teaching. I have it ALL over my classroom, tattooed to my wrist, the whole works. My proudest moment teaching was when I heard a kid struggling through a science problem and another student said “STILL YOU RISE BABY” It was awesome.

What is the most important message about teaching that you would like People to know?

I want people to know that teaching takes a lot of heart. I want people to know that educators are doing important work for our future generation and we need to treat them with respect in order to keep them doing what they do best.

How can parents and Educators work together to better to ensure children are successful?

I love parents. They are the #1 key to success in their child’s life. It’s all about communication, and I think when both parties trust each other amazing work can be done. I taught over 100 students and most of the contacts in my cell phone are parents. I loved the parents who I could just text and get a response or action. It helps so much when teachers and parents are on the same page.

What is the most important educational gift parents can provide for their children to help them be successful learners?


Who is most Inspirational Teacher you’ve had? Why?

I have had so many amazing educators. I count professors as ‘teachers’ because many of mine had a huge impact on me. One of my professors that I had Freshmen year changed my life. She opened me up to ideas that I had never considered and pushed me to think on my own. You are never too old to learn new things! She pushed us and I am grateful for that.

How many hours a week do you spend completing all of your duties related to your job. Are there any extra duties that people may find surprising or not consider that you have to complete?

It would be depressing to count. If I’m not doing something for my job, I am thinking about a new idea or project. I spend a lot of time doing small tasks like analyzing data of my students and their growth. Also planning field trips, paperwork, modifying work for a student with IEPs – all the teacher!

What do you think is a fair salary for teachers?

I think the starting salary for teachers should be 50,000 and there should be a pay scale that goes up depending on furthering education, performance, and staying in the classroom. Teaching is crazy and teachers simply don’t get paid enough. But if Beyonce wants to help me out, I would totally accept a million.

Have you ever paid for supplies for your classroom? Have I ever not?

I pay for everything…sometimes even paper. Every single thing in my room is paid for by me or donated by others.

If you had a wish list of needs for your classroom what would the top three things be?

PENCILS, chrome books, and markers.

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