Inspirational Animal Rights Activist: Rita Lukin (Former Miss Israel- World) – Being Vegan is an Opportunity to Walk Through the Door of a Higher Awareness

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Rita Lukin. I am a former Miss Israel – World, a vegan model, human rights and animal rights activist. I am originally from Kazakhstan and have lived in Israel since 1990. I’ve been vegan for about 10 years now.

You can find me online here:



What lead you to veganism? How long ago?

I was always active in the fight against violence. Victims of violence break my heart. When I see the innocence in the eyes of animals, women, children, handicapped or any disadvantaged race, species or sex, as they are being persecuted, it tears my heart apart. 10 years ago, Gary’s Yourofsky lecture was translated into Hebrew in Israel, I watched it, internalized, and made conclusions. THANK YOU, GARY.

Tell us about our journey to activism?   

From my Soviet Union times, I was very active and sensitive to everything but the big and hardcore activism came after I saw with my own eyes what we are doing to the most sensitive and innocent creature on this planet.

Why am I an Activist?

Think for a minute of the many things that we take for granted, for example, weekends or days off from work, voting rights for women, the right to be free of slavery, the right to have sex only by choice and more. These are all Fruits of pure activism that brave people achieved together. It’s about time to free all the animals and heal ourselves and our beautiful planet our home.

What type of activism are you involved in? Please feel free to share the groups you participate in.

I am One of the founders of MISSION association, In Mission, we are former misses from around the world making international projects to bring awareness to our cause to empower women and children in need.

Here is our last project. It was just made a few days ago in Hollywood. WE ARE VERY PROUD OF IT.

THE SONG IS NOMINATED FOR OSCAR NEXT MONTH, it was written by  the insanely talented, brilliant, remarkable songwriter and activist Diane Warren for the movie Breakthrough and we just made an international version with our special international touch.

Our nonprofit is comprised of former misses from the Miss World and it helps women and children in need. Israel Against Live Shipments, was established to bring a complete end of “Live Shipments” to Israel from abroad. “Life shipments” is the common name for the vile trade which ships mostly calves and young lambs, alive, across the continents- PLEASE JOIN US Live shipments MUST STOP.

Freedom Farm is an experiential education center for bringing together people and animals saved from the food industry. 

What were your thoughts and feelings before your first activism event? 

Stunned, a little panicked it was like the first day at school.

How did you feel once the event was over? 

Very emotional like after a big-screen Hollywood movie that gives you hope for a better world.

How do you feel you are most effective as an activist?

Thank You, Mark Zuckerberg and god bless Facebook. I can’t think about activism on a global level without Facebook.

What’s been your most memorable moment as an activist? Toughest moment? 

Vigils, I remember them all, all the eyes, injuries, sounds, cries everything. The frustration at those moments just killing me. Then you come back home and it’s just hard to keep friends with all your loved ones who insist on remaining emotionally distorted.

What is your favorite type of activist event?

They all should be here! I can’t name my favorite, It is hard to get excited in the chaos that should not be there in the first place. I would rather get excited about seeing the animals free as God intended them to be. Yet there are moments that fill you like seeing the activists who multiply themselves from year to year, especially when they are young people or very old people – it gives a lot of strength. Artists who raise awareness are also great to see-look at Joaquin Phoenix, Bryan Adams and more!

Who are your activism role models? Why?

Omg, where to begin? 🙂

Tal Gilboa  Glass walls- The lecture

Asa Keisar Jewish vegan Rabbi who makes a huge impact in a religious Jewish community – The lecture every Jew should see – Asa Keisar

Damien Mander Modern Warrior: Damien Mander at TEDxSydney

James Aspey This Speech Is Your WAKE UP CALL!

Alex Hershaft  –Holocaust To Compassion – Alex Hershaft – Warsaw Survivor – Animal Rights – Tel Aviv University 2015

Philip Wallen – Philip Wollen : Animals Should Be Off The Menu debate | Subtitles in 18 languages

Joey Carbstrong

Earthling Ed The Ostrich Effect: The truth we hide from ourselves | Ed Winters | TEDxLundUniversity

Gary Yurofsky of course Gary Yourofsky – The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear

Khaled Alwaleed Alsaud

Greta Thunberg ‘What will you tell your children?’: Greta Thunberg blasts climate inaction at Davos

Remember those BRAVE names, they are making a history

When you first went vegan how did you phase out your non-vegan food, clothing and other items?

We Broke up not as friends, they been left right in the past forever.

Do you believe we should show children the process of how animals are turned into products? 

Oh Yes, I DO. We are showing children the Horrifying history of  the Holocaust and why are we lying about other things. How can you lie to your kid about what he puts into his body? WHY? I wish my parents would speak the truth about that!

Educating the youth with compassion, justice, freedom There is nothing more important and healthier than the future generation that has been educated to compassion.

What does being vegan mean to you?

Is waking up every morning being and showing compassion for all animals! To model compassionate choices for others. Being vegan has been an opportunity to walk through the door of awareness. Like in the movie The Matrix, veganism is the pill that makes me see the world for what it really is.  It clears your mind and brings awareness not just about food, but about politics, health system, school systems, Wars, News, ecology, Global Warming and so much more.

Is it every vegan’s duty to become an activist?

Yes, it is! Who if not us? Voiceless can’t speak for themselves. I take a part in Every Action you can’t think of in my country and around the world and wish I could join Sea Shepherd someday.

Are you the activist you want to see in the world? Why?

If only I had all the activists above Charisma and patience then I would definitely say yes. Still have what to learn

Donate to your favorite Sanctuary by using this app. Click Image to download the new Vegan Everything App and Join the Revolution!

What is the activism scene like in your city?

For me, Israel Is a Global Center of Veganism, A Mecca for vegans. Holy Land is leading a vegan revolution for sure, and we have THE BEST restaurants in the world you can even have a vegan best ever STEAK at FOUR ONE SIX restaurant.   Just come and see 🙂 you will fall in love with this country.

What personal recommendations can you make for people to get involved in activism?

Think as if you were the victim, how would you feel? what would you wish for yourself? and then I hope you will get all the answers. 

What do you feel is your biggest area of opportunity for growth in your activism? 

Although I lost a lot of fashion shows and shooting since my veganism, still  My Modeling helps a lot but I just want it to be over I wish there would be no struggle and activism but rather celebrations of a Victory Day. This will be my favorite holiday of all holidays on the Hebrew and Russian calendars. It’s 2020 time to WAKE UP.

How do you balance your well-being and activism? 

I am a solo traveler so traveling around the world, visiting the best restaurants, burs,  spending time with nature, friends, and animals,  I love concerts, live music, movies, a glass of Tubi-60, reading and Photography and a very good massage and sleep is always a good idea.

Without all that I would’ve lost my mind a long time ago.

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  1. Rita my love!
    Such an activist!
    Everything she does is in favor of the animals.
    Thanks a lot from me, from Israel Against Live Shipments and of course from the animals!

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