Inspirational Animal Advocate: Pamela Jean Noble – Actress and Founder of Noble Critters

Tell us about your road to animal advocacy.

Almost 2 years ago now. I had always been an animal lover but doing research and watching documentaries really opened my eyes. Until you see how the animals are treated and the fear in their eyes, I think we are naïve about it. I still am doing research and learning still. I know I will never change everyone’s minds, however if someone is willing to listen and be open to hearing what I have learned it, it will change them too.

How has animal advocacy affected other parts of your life? Clothing? Food?

We first started as pescatarians. That was actually easier than expected. I think the hardest part was trying to find food when we were traveling or finding something to eat if I was on the road. That has become so much easier now. So many places are adopting vegan options it is truly amazing to see. Clothing was a lot more research. I have found some amazing brands like De-Vesi bags, Drunk Elephant is my go-to skin care which is cruelty free. I have stopped buying anything leather, suede, and I have never worn fur so that wasn’t difficult to give up. We have faux fur all around our house because our cat loves to knead it and he ultimately rules the house!

Do you make any exceptions for yourself when it comes to cruelty free?

No. I love animals, so I don’t want to support companies that don’t see the advances in science that this is not necessary. Between Noble Critters and PETA being so kind sending me items recognizing me, means I need to be a role-model and walk the walk. I will proudly wear that badge and I am so honored for PETA to even recognize me for my work.

What does being an animal lover mean to you? 

It means loving someone that loves you back so hard unconditionally. If you have never hugged a cow, or had goats follow you after only a couple days of meeting you, fed stray dogs in French Polynesia and had them learn to trust you, or turned a feral cat into now your outdoor cat who loves our attention then you don’t understand. These are my real-life experiences because I took a little bit of time out of my day to say let’s see what happens if I just try.

Why do you care so much for animals?

It is kind of something that is indescribable. They are like my kids. They depend on me. Spending time with them makes my day. It’s such a beautiful feeling.

Any recommended Vegan books? 

Probably Oh She Glows Cookbook.

What’s your favorite Vegan restaurant? T

here isn’t very many around where we live, however when we want some comfort food, we go to BrightStar Thai Vegan. It is so good! I have even been able to get my mom and dad to try it and they loved it!

Please share your favorite vegan recipe? 

That is tough! But if I am going for fast and easy, one of my husbands and my favorite is from Hungryroot: flatbread, with spinach artichoke chickpea dip, and brussel sprouts.

Tell us about your new charity Noble Critters and how its helping save animals and making a difference in the world?

This is something I am so excited about! I launched Noble Critters on September 24th. Right now, it is an online website that sells apparel and accepts donations where 100% of all profits made go to our animal sanctuary partners. The goal is to keep launching new products and collaborate with influencers and celebrities on apparel designs. It’s a simple way to give back, gain a great apparel item, and help animals and sanctuaries do what they do best.

What’s your next project?

I have many magazines coming out which has been super exciting. I am also currently in the casting process for an amazing project. So stay tuned!

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