Artists You Need to Know: Toni Le Busque – Pastels and Pencils (Los Angeles)


Toni Le Busque’s Bio (Written by her stepdaughter):

Parts of Toni’s story are hard to believe at times like the pet pig she had called Murral or the man who got out of his car to flash his penis at her and her netball friends.

Without giving birth or ever having sex with a man? She has become a mother to other people children multiple time.

Like most peoples story’s love and loss has always played a big part thought out Toni’s own story. Filling her story with many highs and lows.

She has however surrounded herself with many friends some of which could easily be turned into charters of a new novel.

Laughter and silliness counteracted any doubt or sadness.

These things all add up into who she is as an artist. Her black and white doodle are truthful, funny, honest, silly and full of influential charters and meaning.


They document her story at certain time of her life.

As an outside her work is thought provoking as a close friend her work is insightful.

As a creative and friend:

Toni is honest and humble she knows here doodles are her own thoughts and an opinion but is open for those to be altered.
Toni is extremely open, a teacher of creativity and general life skills.
Toni is patient and kind with anyone who wants learn and grow.
Toni is Knowledgeable.
Toni strive to live a happy positive life, which she has achieved by learning about mind set, health eating and not being sucked into materialistic aspirations.

A woman of many creative ventures, not only in art but music, woodwork and motorcycling.

These things all add up to form a well round artist and delightful human being.’

From a Rad Series using Pastels, titled, Florida Pastels. Pastels & Musings

Title: Yellow Paving

Pastel Florida Swimming Pool

While I was drawing this there was a small boy in the pool called Jonah who shouted repeatedly to his brother, Noah, who was upstairs on the balcony of an apartment.

‘Noah, Noah, come into the pool, Noah, Noah, come into the pool, Noah, Noah, come into the pool,’ he called over and over again.

I was slightly annoyed and was about to start calling out for Noah too when I heard Noah shout back that he was coming.

So then Noah got in the pool and the boys began playing together until Noah took Jonah’s goggles and that’s when Jonah began to cry loudly and then scream, ‘Noah, Noah give me back my goggles, Noah, Noah give me back my goggles, Noah, Noah give me back my goggles.’

I put my pastel down and sat there looking at the screaming Jonah in the water thinking how glad I was I didn’t have any children and that if I’d had any I’d have had them fitted with a volume button.

Title: Mercer/Williams House


While I was drawing this a man came up and started talking to me and after some small talk got on the subject of god.

He was a big fan of god and he talked to me for quite a while on the topic until he he told me he too was an artist and had drawn a comic book, which he then took out of his backpack and showed me.

I told him it looked very good and good luck with it.

Then he told me that he didn’t have a job, that he lived on the street and did odd jobs for people.

I felt like asking him why, if god was so amazing, he didn’t get him a job and his own house.
But I didn’t.

Title: The House Opposite John’s

house booth

While I was drawing this a guy came out of the house behind me and said, ‘Hey my wife just rang me and said there’s some cute girl out front doing some painting.’

‘Oh, yes?’ I said looking up at him thinking his wife shouldn’t have been driving if she thought I was a ‘cute girl’.

Then a woman pulled up in the driveway of the house I was drawing and came out to see what I was doing. She had a little girl with her.

‘Can I draw?’ said the little girl.

I said yes and gave her a piece of paper and a pastel.

Then, holding the pastel like she was going to use it to stab the cat or something, me and the guy and the mother watched as the child started making manic circles all over the paper,

Then the guy asked if he could take a picture of me and the drawing. I said yes and he went inside, came back with a camera and took a picture. Then he said, ‘If you want to use the bathroom come on in, the doors open, or if you want a beer when you finish up?’

‘Okay,’ I said, ‘thanks.’

Then, because she’d seen me spraying mine with hairspray, the child asked me to spray her drawing. So I gave it a squirt to fix it.

Then the mother said to the child, ‘Come on Chloe, let’s go inside,’

Chloe didn’t want to go but I gave her a pastel to keep, and another piece of paper, and she went home.

Then the guy, told me he was going inside and to just come in when I finished.

‘I want you to see my house,’ he said, ‘Richard Boone drank himself to death in it.’

Awesome New Series: Repulsive White Men With Too Much Power.



Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil



Check out this funny interview I did a few months ago with Toni.

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