Being Vegan, Vegan Being: Samantha Griffith – Being Vegan is an act of love; for Yourself, the Planet, and the Animals

Hi guys, my name is Samantha. I live on the beautiful Western slope of Colorado. My Instagram is @quitecrazed. There you will find photos of the sky, random pictures, food, some fitness motivation and of course selfies.

I love being vegan! it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It’s helped me mentally and physically in so many ways. Just over 3 years ago my daughter Dominique was on a search for good health. I was recovering from an injury and was unable to do much working out and was not feeling happy about my body and state of mind due to it. So Dominique through a 30-day challenge at me to help me out. No meat, no dairy, no refined sugar, and so on. It made me feel great. 30 days went by and I went out for my 35th birthday and that was the last time I ate meat ever!!

I decided that the next day that I wanted to continue with the healthy clean meat and dairy-free way of eating. I felt as if I never could or wanted to eat an animal again. Shortly after that, I learned that eggs were bad for you. Chicken farms were all inhumane and even though I got mine from local free-range chickens I never wanted to take the eggs from the chicken and I was done putting them in my body. I went on to give up honey next. It was a struggle and very exciting all at once. I had/got to come up with new ways to feed the family. We had 2 boys in the house that still ate meat plus my husband. all four girls did not. I made 2-3 different meals some nights. I don’t do that anymore. I only cook vegans meals. I send my 11-year-old a vegan lunch every day to school. I let her do what she wants. I will at times allow herself to have pizza and cupcakes at events. Not always, she goes on kicks. I am proud of her. She never eats meat.

We come from an area where vegans are few and rare. Farming and ranching are big. We have little to no options in the county I live in to go out to eat. No health food stores super close to us. It can be a struggle to be a busy working mom trying to accommodate my family with healthy meals plus learn a new way of life. I grew up milking cows and goats, we raised and hunted animals for food. We live where people still get scrutinized for being vegan by classmates, family, and friends. A lot of closed-minds. Yet there are more and more opening up and that’s a great thing.

We all know 2020 is going to be big for vegans. I never have days where I ‘cheat’ on being vegan. I also went vegan before it was the “cool thing to do.” My husband just finally over the holidays watched The Game Changers and made the full switch to vegan as well. That helps my life. No more going out and him not understanding my struggles to the full degree.

I do recommend the documentary The Game Changers. I love the The best vegan restaurant is Watercourse in downtown Denver.

Vega One is a great company with outstanding quality protein powder. We love the cruelty free food we now eat. I would never go back. I am all in. I look at everything differently. I have more love in my heart. I have a better mindset. I wouldn’t want to take into my body and my soul the pain, harm and suffering caused by the meat and dairy industries. There is no humane way to take the life of a being that does not want to die. My soul won’t let me crave animal products. I even at times try to save spiders where before I wanted them all dead. Being vegan is about evolving! 

Vegan for me is about taking control and taking responsibility for your health, world devastations, and being a voice for animals. It’s so much! It’s rebelling against the bullshit, the corruption that helps cause cancer, obesity, kills us, destroys our earth while big corporations like big pharma gain riches, rebelling against believing the lies they instill in us about health as they pay billions of dollars to delude our minds with bullshit studies presented to be facts to keep us at poor health. Being vegan to me is an act of love, love for yourself, love for our planet, love for the animals.

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