Being Vegan, Vegan Being: Jordan David – (Conscious Muscle) Changing the World One Bite and Rep at a time.


Hello, my name is Jordan David and my life’s work and business is Conscious Muscle Vegan Fitness and Nutrition Coaching. It is my mission to change the world one bite and one rep at a time. What I do is help vegans reach their fitness / physique goals whether it be putting on muscle or shedding body fat and everything in between. I also help people transition to a vegan lifestyle which is the most rewarding part of all.

For all of the details, please feel free to reach out via my website at Consious Muscle. You can also find me on Instagram at @Conscious_Muscle or Facebook: @ConsciousMuscle.

What was the moment I realized that I wanted to go vegan?

A couple years ago, a personal training client of mine transitioned to vegan and she was telling me all about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and all the negative impacts that factory farming and eating meat and dairy have on our bodies and planet. I met her opinions with ignorance and hostility. I then was prompted to do my own research and looked into various journals online and studies such as The China Study. I then proceeded to watch documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, the Beautiful Truth and Earthlings. Needless to say, once my eyes were open, i never looked back. Although I started this journey for health and sustainability reasons it quickly became about the animals. I consider myself a moral and ethical vegan activist and do my best to spread awareness every opportunity I can. I even have a small animal sanctuary now and I consider all of these animals my family. Never did I think I would have a turkey as a friend, but here I am.

How long have I been vegan?

I have been vegan for going on 2 years and will never look back.

Why is being vegan important to you?

I don’t even know where to begin with this question as there are so many reasons. First and foremost, for the animals, I feel that all lives matter and their lives hold just as much value as ours. I truly believe the divine presence by which this universe is created that resides within us resides within all things. Just because we have a greater intellectual capacity or however you want to word it, I do not believe this gives our lives more value than these living breathing feeling sentient beings that have every much as right to dwell in peace on this planet as we do. I do it so I can leave this world a better place than the one I was born into for my children and those to come after us. I do it for health, for lives, and for the sustainability of our planet.. As far as I know we only have one and we need to take care of it before we as a species disappear.

Do I have any books I recommend?

One of the biggest books I recommend to people is Thug Kitchen on as it is a very simple and user-friendly recipe book which resonates with the palates of most.

Recommended social sites.

Rather than online resources I strongly recommend a few documentaries as I feel this tends to resonate with most deeply. I recommend everyone watch Forks Over Knives for their health and the health of their family and loved ones. I recommend everyone watch Earthlings on for moral and ethical reasons. Lastly, I recommend everyone watch Cowspiracy to understand the damage factory farming is doing to our planet

How do I promote veganism?

I promote veganism in every area of my life. Ranging from my business and social media outlets down to the clothing I wear. I have these vegan awareness shirts that I wear and sell on my website at The back of the shirts say “Killing workouts, Not Animals”. This is usually a great conversation starter and as such I am able to plant a seed or at least start a dialogue which gives people food for thought so to speak. I truly make a conscious effort to promote veganism in every area of my life.


Do you miss non-vegan foods?

Absolutely not. There are so many amazing tasting vegan options that I am never wanted or without.

Favorite Meme?

There is a funny one that says simply “No one cares about your protein content until you go Vegan” It couldn’t be truer. Everyone becomes an expert on protein and nutrition the minute they hear you eat a plant based diet.


Favorite Stereotype?

My favorite vegan stereotype that people approach me about often is that we are protein deficient and week. I quickly break that stereotype!


Favorite Restaurant?

I’m fortunate to have quite a few good ones here in West Palm Beach. I love going to Hippocrates Health Institute for their raw vegan lunch and dinner buffet as well as Christopher kitchen and Darbsters.

Advice for new vegans.

For those of you reading this who are not yet ready to make the transition or are in the process, please know I have gratitude for you and respect your way. I can tell you this has been one of the best decisions and Journeys I’ve ever made in my entire life and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Should you embark on your journey and feel discouraged or think about going back to your old ways just remember your purpose and keep on trying.

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