Being Vegan, Vegan Being: Alex Ciccone – It’s Time to Set Ourselves Aside and Do the Right Thing

My life’s purpose and passion are embodying a vegan lifestyle through and through. Each and every day for me is an opportunity to inspire change and stop animal cruelty in its tracks. Whether it’s through humorous vegan posts, plant-based powered workouts, vegan food or the latest vegan news… every day is an opportunity to share the amazingness that a vegan lifestyle brings! Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I am a certified personal trainer.

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What was the moment you realize that you wanted to go vegan?

Although I did not fully transition to veganism until I was in my 20’s, I truly feel that the small but impactful moments throughout my life lead me to realize being vegan was the only way of life for me. Whether it was refusing to eat meat as a 10-year-old, growing up with my favorite movies being ones that starred animal characters or just caring for my own animal pets and friends. Each of these moments were integral in shaping who I am today.

But the defining moment was when I fell in love with strength training and my nutrition ended up comprising of mostly meat, dairy, and eggs to realize my performance goals. It came to a point where it finally struck a nerve and my love for animals finally shone through, leading me to dig deep researching exactly where my food was truly coming from. Watching slaughterhouse footage and seeing past the “humane” claim misnomers was all it took.

It was a complete transformation of mind, body, and soul for me and I know it can be for many others as well.

How long have you been Vegan?

It will be 4 years in October 2017. I was vegetarian for 2 years prior to going vegan. So meat-free for almost 6 years.

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  • Any recommended social sites, Facebook Groups or other?

    – Instagram: @vegan, @worldofvegan, @veganstreet

    Do you actively promote veganism? How? Please share any stories you would like.

    I actively promote veganism through social media – a number of different platforms. Instagram, personal website, twitter and soon to be Youtube (keep an eye out for this, it’s going to be great!).

    Leveraging the advantage of existing in this tech age and keep spreading the word is extremely important to me to make this world a better place by encouraging it to be more plant based.

    What is your favorite Vegan meme?

    A shameless plug! One that I have made myself lol… *See photo attached*

    What is the vegan stereotype you hear the most and how do you respond to it?

    “Malnourished, weak vegans”. I respond to it each and every day by strength training and sticking to a 100% plant based diet. I have become bigger, stronger and leaner on a vegan diet. We do not need animal based products to excel in athletic performance whatsoever and I have personally put that to the test and can attest!

    Some encouraging words for new Vegans?

    I encourage those who are not vegan to explore social media/media and expose yourself to the “behind the scenes” of where these animal-based products come from. In getting closer to the truth and reducing the disconnect is where this affinity of love for animals can truly shine and awaken a sleeping giant within.

    If you begin to feel the pressure of “there’s no way I can be vegan”, don’t stress… you don’t have to be vegan overnight. It took me many years to make the full transition and there is no shame in that. The final destination is what counts. Trust in the process and do what you uniquely can do to reduce your animal-based product consumption. Vote with your dollars and the system and the societal “norm” will certainly change. You as an individual do truly have the power. The good thing is, you already have a vegan community army behind you ready to fight side by side.

    What does living cruelty-free mean to you?

    Selflessness and to ridding the world of pain and suffering. Animals are treated as objects and subjected to pain and suffering every single day. It is time to set ourselves aside and do the right thing.


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