Artists YOU Need to Know! Who is Lexicon Love?


I am a freelancer and passionate digital collage enthusiast based in Sydney, Australia. Since jumping head first into the world of digital collage I have found it one of the most satisfying, accessible and thrilling of art forms. I love its story telling ability and forgiving nature.

You cannot help but let your imagination run riot. I love how each piece reveals its true self only at the very end of the process. Inspiration is everywhere for me. I look for the brazen, I love anything with a shock factor.

Surreal, imperfect and sometimes unexpected sums up my style. I like the idea of colliding visual themes and I try to inject this into my work as much as possible.

Catch this Inspirational Artist online here:

Twitter: @lexicon_love
Instagram: @lexicon_love
Facebook: lexiconlove

Check out Lexicon Love’s answers to the Bonus Questions!

Do you kill all bugs?

I never kill bugs. I avoid tempting ‘karma’ at all costs 🙂

What is the number one reason you doubt yourself?

I try not to but doubt does creep in whenever I see all the brilliant and creative artists out there and I wonder if I’ll ever be as good.

Have you ever been arrested?

Let me think about that for a minute….no…not in this lifetime.

Do you think we can achieve world peace?

Definitely! Absolutely! It starts with you and me.

Do you love your job?

Oh my gosh YES YES YES! Because there are no boundaries/restrictions in collage art. I spend hours combining old elements to create new meanings. Telling my own unique and fantastical stories in my own way.

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