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My name is Skye Amber Sweet, and I often get called Amber instead of Skye because people think that my name is a made up artist name. It is not, it is my real name! I am the artist and founder of SKYEPOET which is a legitimate business here in Los Angeles since 2007. I originally started the company with thoughts to put my art on clothing and have my own clothing line. Over the years it has changed drastically through my ups and downs of life and today it stands for something totally different. Although I outsource third party vendors for art on merchandise, this truly is the last of my goals.

Skyepoet stands for my motto of ” A Random Sphere of Logical Babble”. This statement means that within our sphere (Our World) in which we borrow, that the random thought we babble can be in turn understood from one to another. It means everything I stand for is a plethora of everything mixed into a sphere that in the end is understood. It is hard to explain. All are welcome here. Within this company I created, I mentor artists and am here to help in any way I can. I am proud to be a leader and one that pushes people to strive and succeed and to do their best and never give up. My company also shows and sells my own artworks. I paint and am the original canvas manipulator taking canvases and emotion and painting mainly without brushes and incorporated collected organized chaos. I also love making crafts and use my company to promote my public art and murals. I donate 80% of my murals to beautify the surrounding neighborhood. I currently have murals in Silverlake and Eagle Rock and a utility box in Walnut Creek. The City of Hawthorne has selected me to paint a 40-foot mural next month. I have decided to donate it in its entirety. It will be the first one approved by the city! I also am a writer.

Before becoming an accidental artist, I loved to write, short stories, blogs, and poetry. I have always wanted to write a story and publish it. For now, I also promote artists on my blog on my website that is free with no submittal fees. I ONLY write about inspirational KIND artists that want to change the world. That is my theme. HOW WILL YOU CHANGE THE WORLD as an artist? I use my time to promote other artists and not myself to stay grounded and humble and also share the heart of artists I think could make a difference in our world. Although I feel a ton of paintings every month and make a living as a full-time artist, I purposely give away paintings every month to someone I feel loves it more than I. I would rather give my HeArt away than keep it packed away in the attic. The love for my art in someone’s own heart is meant to be with them. I have given away paintings that meant the most to me if it makes someone happy. I live to see the smile in others and to give love. It is all we all really need. I am an emotional painter. I paint when I am very sad, extremely angry or amazingly happy. There is never a time I can paint just to paint. My best artworks come out when I am hurt or sad and although this is not a state to be in, every painting I paint I get to release all my emotion upon that canvas and I get to heal. It is a progress of transcribing my emotion into my hands and releasing it with the touch of paint on canvas.

I am very complex. People tell me that I have the depth of emotion some could only hope to ever feel. I find it a curse. I love too much, I give too much and with that said, I still find it’s not enough. There is always more people to touch and spread the kindness of love for we all deserve it. I have made some of the best friends I have ever had in my life by talking to them without knowing them and in turn, it opens doors to get to know them. I am an artist, a chef, a mother of two and a wife that is in love with her husband. I yearn for the good things in life and am a hustler. I work my ass off to get what I need and conquer as many goals and dreams as I can. I absolutely just love my family and my heart is my little boy Ian Moon Sweet. He melts my soul! My rock is my daughter Kylee Starr and she has always kept me grounded since she was born. I have a go fund me called “Sharing My HeArt Fund” and I use it to raise money to keep donating murals. I have not had much luck in raising money but still try. It is a hard job to paint these large-scale paintings outside the walls and it takes it out of me but I will continue to do what I can to improve areas that need art around me.

I started painting in 2012 and sold my first large piece in 2013. Each year I have consistently sold paintings except for 4 months when I took a break to help design a house in Emerald Bay. I love art but it is not my life. I am an emotional painter but do not obsess on art all day. Although I love other people’s art, my life is really committed to my family and the happiness of myself and them. My dream is to be a chef and own my own restaurant or food truck with art. It has been my dream since I was 8. It just so happened I accidentally found out I can paint!

“I find that paint and a stretched canvas make for better company. Paint runs through my veins, across my heart and trails to my fingertips transcribing emotion from brush to canvas. I am a Random Sphere of Logical Babble.”

“I am not sure sometimes where my life began or where it will end. I do know this, however…When you get to the place in your life that makes you feel whole after all the slices have been taken from you, it opens the doors where energy fills your being and the universe colors your every heart’s breath.

My art is emotional and sometimes I am not quite sure where my unintended thought process took me. I do know that in my lightest and darkest moments something in my heart triggered the expressive flow of paint and tears, happiness, and smiles that somehow came together without thought. Only pure emotion and energy run through me where I can feel it in my fingertips and flow there to my canvases.

I want to change the world. I have since I was eight. I want people to see the very inner core of their being and maybe learn of open hearts, forgiveness, and kindness through color and art. I am not sure how to do so, but in my art, I know that the thought is there and I hope that in looking close enough, you might feel enough of the world to stand at the doors of the bright colors, understand its flow and make a difference in the real world.”

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Here is SKYEPOET’S Bonus Questions.

What is my favorite tree?

I love them all and find that my alter ego is ‘The Last Tree Hugger” for I have a great respect for trees as I do all life on earth and other planets. I fancy the Aspen tree however and love how its trunk has character and can disperse within the background of snow or shine in the greens of a red fern forest. I love that it has many facets and its leaves change colors during the change of the season rather than just fall to the ground. It reminds me of me; strong in character, powerful in distinction and ever changing in her surroundings.

If I could cure one disease in the world, what would it be?

I would cure the broken heart. Curing the broken heart would mean I would find the cure that consisted of love and kindness and make sure there was never to be another broken heart for kindness is all we need. If you are kind, you will always love and if you love you could never hurt someone. I believe this is the biggest disease in the world. If everyone felt love and felt they were part of a bigger picture within love, the world would be a happier place.

Is there anyone out there you would like to apologize to, which you haven’t been able to?

Yes, myself; I want to apologize to myself for any pain caused by others towards me. I want to let myself know that I did my best throughout the years and I cannot change the hearts and mindsets of other people. I want to apologize to myself for thinking I was weak when I was strong and feeling lost when I was always found. I want to apologize to myself for not listening to my heart more often and not putting me first. I have apologized to everyone from childhood and up that I needed to already.

What is your passion?

People. I am in love with people. I love to share inspiring stories with people and uplift them. One of my passions is truth. I am very blunt with my words to people all the while lifting them up and guiding them to show them new ways to live in a world that disappoints us at times. I yearn to spread the word of love and the act of kindness eery single day. My other passion is my family and doing everything I can to make sure that we live life through kindness and love. I push people and put everyone in front of me at times to make a point that they are worth it and this life is a gift. Another passion is love. I am in love with love. I am here on earth because of love and for love. Love is what makes me work, what pushes me to be better every day. Without love, I feel there is no hope so I always spread love where ever I go and to whoever I pass. Even a simple hello to someone who looks down is love.

Do you believe in Aliens?

Yes, I am one. Haha, I say this because I believe we came from somewhere and if we are here on this beautiful earth with these beautiful creatures; there must be life out beyond our own and for that, we all might as well be aliens.

What is your favorite scent?​

My husband is my favorite scent. I love how he smells and his scent makes me feel at home. I also love how our baby boy, Ian Moon Sweet smells. He is my little Pokey I love so much and he always smells like love. It’s that baby smell!

Do you enjoy hugs?​

I absolutely love hugs. I love kissing and I love being close to people. I do especially love hugs and can tell heartfelt hugs from superficial. I remember my husband gave me the best hug ever when we started dating. I told him it was the best hug ever and it felt like peace. I had never had that loving hug in my life prior in all relationships. It was truly special and since then I just love hugs. haha!

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