Artists YOU NEED to know! Scott Radke – Creating Surreal Moments in Nature with His Emotionally Charged Characters

Scott Radke is an artist based in Berea, OH. He creates surreal, heartfelt, emotionally charged characters and photographs them in natural settings.

His sculptures are collected world wide with notable commissions for Mark Parker, Morgan Spurlock, Sera Gamble, to name a few.

His earlier work has appeared in films such as “Desolation Sound” starring Jennifer Beals, The Birthday Massacres “Blue” video, as well as Guillermo Lecuona’s “Mother Corn.”

Catch Scott online here:

Instagram: @scottradkeart
Facebook: Scott Radke Art

Here are Scott’s answers to the Bonus Questions.

Are you afraid of dying? Why or why not?

Yes. Because of not knowing what will happen after, how painful it may be, and I really enjoy being here.

What is your favorite Inspirational quote?

“Breathing is important in the practice of meditation because it is the faculty in us that is simultaneously voluntary and involuntary. You can feel that you are breathing, and equally, you can feel that it is breathing you. So it is a sort of bridge between the voluntary world and the involuntary world — a place where they are one.” ~Alan Watts…

What has been your favorite age so far?

I actually love this age more than any so far- but when i think of the number- 47 seems rather late to feel that way.

What do you think is the meaning of life?

This sounds depressing but it really isn’t- I think it’s to learn how to die.

Do you think there is life after death?

I don’t think anyone can really answer that with 100 percent confidence

Do you enjoy hugs?

I think hugs are a great barometer on a person character. Yes, I enjoy them.

Do you have a dream you will always remember?

When I was young I had a recurring dream In first-grade gym class we were to climb a bull rope to the ceiling of the gym and ring a bell. I could never do it. Not even close. Maybe that sense of failure was part of the reason for the nightmare but I think that was just a trigger and there was much more to it. In the dream, the rope would swing back and forth in total emptiness. The knot at the bottom of the rope would come close to my face and I’d study the tight lines of the rope bunched together. I still get a feeling in my stomach when I describe it. above all the endless darkness and emptiness that surrounded it was what scared me most. That is all there was- the rope and total complete emptiness. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for years and still do to some extent but they are not as debilitating. anyway, I think every aspect of those disorders where in those dreams but the dream also had the answer to resolving them within it. if I would allow that emptiness and just accept it then it can actually feel like a comforting place.

Do you watch too much TV?

I gave up TV over 3 years ago I highly recommend it.

What one subject would you add to high school curriculums?



  1. Scott Radke is the most real person I know. Not many people would allow a progressively personal conversation with someone they never met and didn’t know a thing about. Scott is a special person who allows you into his head which makes his artwork radiate with the life he breathes into each piece. Yet, there remains an element of mystery in his work that makes you that much more determined to read his thoughts. Eternal life!!!!

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